Andrew Katzen writes for FT Adviser on the FCA’s regulatory reach

25 Apr 2022

Hickman & Rose’s head of regulatory law Andrew Katzen has written an article for the FT Adviser in which he analyses the Financial Conduct Authority’s policy regarding allegations of non-financial misconduct.

Andrew addresses the Ryan Beckwith and Jon Frensham cases, among others, and asks to what extent – and how – the FCA and other professional regulators are able to police behaviour that may once have been considered “private” and therefore beyond regulatory reach.

Andrew argues that recent upper court findings in relation to non-financial misconduct allegations “may give the regulators pause to think”. Regulators will, he writes, “need to show how the behaviour in question clearly infringes their own misconduct rules, no matter how disturbing, outrageous or even criminal that behaviour may be.”

The article, which was published first in FT Adviser, is online here and attached as downloadable PDF below.



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