Bartholomew Dalton writes on prosecution bail appeals for Criminal Law Week

30 Apr 2024

Bartholomew Dalton has written a commentary article for Criminal Law Week about the recent cases of R. (Molina) v Crown Court at Snaresbrook and Hammond v Governor of Winchester Prison, both of which relate to prosecution bail appeals.

The cases involve serious problems (and injustices) resulting from the Crown’s failure to comply with all the relevant requirements of The Bail (Amendment) Act 1993.

In his commentary, Bartholomew (who recently obtained a writ or habeas corpus against Wandsworth prison following the unlawful detention of a client) argues that the cases are “two very stark examples of how the prosecution and court should not deal with prosecution bail appeals under section 1 of the 1993 Act.

The full article is available to Criminal Law Week subscribers here.



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