CCRC Refers Pinfold to Court of Appeal

15 Sep 2016

CCRC refers “Life on Mars” case to Court of Appeal

Terry Pinfold was famously freed in 2001 by the Court of Appeal after serving 23 years for robbery and murder. In 2003 the Court quashed the murder conviction which accounted for 21 years of his ordeal. The Criminal Cases Review Commission have now referred the outstanding robbery conviction – for which Terry served his first two years in prison – back to the Court of Appeal.

Jane Hickman, who has represented Mr Pinfold since 2004 said;

“I am thrilled with this referral. Terry and his family have suffered terribly as a result of these convictions. For thirty years Terry has fought to clear his name of all the matters alleged against him. I believe we can now establish that there was shocking impropriety in the Robbery Squad handling of this case. Witnesses were taken to dinner together by police before the ID parade, Terry was verballed by an officer who was subsequently dismissed from the police force, and the jury were not told of the full background. A loving father was separated from his young family with the most appalling consequences. I hope that with this final chapter in a long and sorry story Terry and his family will at last have justice”.



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