Dr Ramnath to be Extradited

15 Sep 2016

CPS Seeking Extradition of Doctor From USA

Ben Rose acts for anaesthetist Dr Priya Ramnath who faces extradition from the US to Britain on a charge of involuntary manslaughter. The allegation arises from a medical incident in July 1998 at Staffordshire General Hospital.

On January 11th 2008 senior US Federal Judge Earl S. Hines, of the Eastern District of Texas granted Dr Ramnath bail. In the bail document, Judge Hines said:

“All the evidence points to the conclusion that Dr Ramnath’s actions were taken with the intention of saving a life, not taking one. A jury might or might not conclude that Dr Ramnath made a very serious mistake based on a very serious error in judgment. However, such evidence is nowhere near enough for a crime as serious as the United Kingdom’s version of involuntary manslaughter to be committed.”

Dr Ramnath will contest the charge of manslaughter.

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