HMP Leeds case settled

15 Sep 2016

Fifteen Civil Claims brought by former HMP Leeds Prisoners settled with Ministry of Justice on the fourth day of trial of ‘lead claim’.

Fifteen former prisoners of HM Prison Leeds are pleased that today, on the fourth day of the trial of the lead claim, the court approved the settlement of their claims against the Ministry of Justice.

The claims covered the period from 2003 to 2005, and included the following claims:

  • Thirteen included claims of discrimination on the grounds of race and religion, breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998 and in some cases racial harassment and victimisation.
  • Seven of those thirteen included claims of assault by prison staff and two of negligently failing to protect the claimants from assault by other prisoners.
  • Two were solely claims of assault by prison officers

The claimants are pleased with the settlement of their claims, while regretting that they had been left with no option but to take court action over complaints about their treatment. They hope that bringing their complaints to court has been a catalyst for change in the treatment of non white prisoners at HMP Leeds, so that the experience of non white prisoners in HMP Leeds is now better than theirs was three to five years ago.

The claimants will not be making any further comment on the settlement.

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