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Jenny Wiltshire comments on quashing of ‘Stockwell Six’ convictions

8 Jul 2021

Jenny Wiltshire’s comments on the Court of Appeal’s decision to quash the convictions of her ‘Stockwell Six’ clients have featured heavily in the national and international press.

While Jenny welcomed the Court’s decision, she pointed out that the activities of the corrupt police officer in the case, DS Derek Ridgewell, had been known about for decades, yet neither the British Transport Police nor the Home Office did enough to stop his abuse.

“Even when Ridgewell was convicted of theft in 1980, they did not look again at the many clearly unsafe criminal convictions which had relied on his witness testimony”, Jenny told the media.

The “Stockwell Six” are the third group of clients connected to Ridgewell whom Jenny has represented in relation to miscarriage of justice issues at the Court of Appeal. All have seen their convictions quashed.

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