Image of Jenny from Stockwell Six case


Jenny Wiltshire named ‘Lawyer of the Week’ and ‘Lawyer in the News’

19 Jul 2021

Head of Serious and General Crime Jenny Wiltshire has been named the Times’ ‘Lawyer of the Week’ and the Law Society’s Gazette’s ‘Lawyer in the News’ for her work quashing her ‘Stockwell Six’ clients’ near 50 year old criminal convictions at the at the Court of Appeal.

Jenny’s outstanding success in the high profile matter comes after similar achievements for other clients, including members of the so-called ‘Oval Four’ and Stephen Simmons.

Both articles address these previous cases, and Jenny’s life in law. Jenny tells the Times about the pleasure she derives from her work, and pays tribute to the lawyer who offered her work experience as a 15-year-old schoolgirl.

She tells the Law Society Gazette about her career high representing a 17-year-old mother accused of shaking her baby to death. Medical evidence found that the baby actually died as a result of undiagnosed rickets.

Times article is here:

Law Society Gazette article here:



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