Jenny Wiltshire talks to LBC radio about the Stockwell Six

13 Jul 2021

Head of Serious and General Crime, Jenny Wiltshire, has been interviewed on LBC radio to discuss her clients, the Stockwell Six, whose convictions for attempted robbery were quashed at the Court of Appeal.

Jenny told host Maajid Nawaz that LBC played a pivotal role in the case, as it was advice that Stephen Simmons – another of Jenny’s clients – received on the radio station nearly a decade ago which helped start the process of unravelling the harm cause by corrupt British Transport Police officer DS Derek Ridgewell.

Asked how many people DS Ridgewell’s victimised, Jenny replied: “We don’t know how many victims are out there. It’s only now that the British Transport Police have said they are launching an investigation, but it appears that’s drawn a blank”.

Listen to the full interview (from 00:50:40) here.


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