Kate Maynard in media on reported widening of IOPC probe into Oladeji Omishore death

23 Jun 2022

Civil Litigation partner Kate Maynard has been quoted in the media in relation to the IOPC’s reported decision to widen its investigation into the death of Oladeji Omishore, whose family Kate represents.

The Guardian newspaper explains how the Met police initially told the media that Oladeji had been carrying a screwdriver at the time its officers Tasered him. This has been established as false, however, and the IOPC is now reported to be investigating whether the claim was deliberate misinformation (although the family awaits any revised terms of reference).

“In these cases, the early experiences of a bereaved family and any intentional mis-shaping of the narrative in demonising the deceased and a failure to very quickly put the record straight can understandably lead to a lack of trust and faith in the investigations that follow”, Kate said.

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