The legal team at Hickman & Rose has played a part in setting the agenda on issues as diverse as domestic violence, the future of the SFO, legal aid policy and international criminal jurisdiction:

  1. 22 October 2019
    The lingering footprint of false allegations: how unfair DBS disclosures can have devastating impact on peoples' careers (Stefano Ruis)
  2. 17 October 2019
    As regulatory tribunals increasingly deal with misconduct allegations traditionally covered by the criminal law, they must take care to remain fair (Andrew Katzen)
  3. 7 October 2019
    More money; more problems: how HNWs’ wealth can add an extra layer of complexity when it comes to fighting allegations of criminality (Ben Rose)
  4. 17 September 2019
    Five years on from the UK's first Deferred Prosecution Agreement, do they do the job they were meant to? (Ross Dixon)
  5. 24 July 2019
    Released Under Investigation is a national scandal that is getting worse every day (Jenny Wiltshire)
  6. 23 July 2019
    The solicitors disciplinary process is changing before our eyes, but will it remain fit for purpose? (Andrew Katzen)
  7. 23 July 2019
    Carl Beech’s conviction illustrates what can go wrong when the police automatically treat complainants as victims. The case strengthens the argument for anonymity until charge (Jenny Wiltshire)
  8. 15 July 2019
    The Victims’ Commissioner’s comments on digital consent forms for sexual assault complainants risk damaging the cause she represents (Peter Csemiczky)
  9. 12 June 2019
    British bankers would be wise to fear Germany – what the Continent’s huge cum-ex’ scandal means for the City of London (Andrew Katzen)
  10. May 2019
    When are DPAs a risk to senior executives? (Ross Dixon)
  11. 8 April 2019
    Reform to bail rules has proved bad news for suspects (Jenny Wiltshire)
  12. 13 March 2019
    Death on the job - what should safety professionals and their organisations do if an employee dies at work? (Andrew Katzen)
  13. 12 March 2019
    Is the SFO's new head Lisa Osofsky 'a different kind of director'? (Ross Dixon)
  14. 7 March 2019
    “Beware the powers of Unexplained Wealth Orders” – what the Criminal Finances Act means for High Net Worth individuals and their advisers (Ben Rose and Christopher Houssemayne du Boulay)
  15. 8 February 2019
    'Victimised twice over': Supreme Court's ruling in Hallam and Nealon miscarriage of justice matter (Daniel Machover)
  16. 29 January 2019
    Lundin Petroleum case highlights risk of imprisonment for directors of companies operating in conflict zones (Ross Dixon and Chris du Boulay)
  17. 31 January 2019
    Tesco trial shows the dangers of deferred prosecution agreements (Ross Dixon)
  18. 19 December 2018
    Sports Direct privilege decision is a major erosion of fundamental rights (Ross Dixon and Chris du Boulay)
  19. 11 December 2018
    Can you 'explain' your wealth? - how Unexplained Wealth Orders will impact High Net Worth individuals (Ben Rose)
  20. 22 November 2018
    What HR departments need to do in the event of a workplace death (Andrew Katzen)
  21. 19 November 2018
    Smart devices and domestic abuse - a new battlefield or simply new weapons? (Rose Commander)
  22. 8 November 2018
    What Court of Appeal gives; the High Court takes away: how two major decisions on legal professional privilege impact auditors and their clients (Ross Dixon and Chris du Boulay)
  23. 2 November 2018
    What wealth managers need to know about Unexplained Wealth Orders (Ben Rose)
  24. 27 September 2018
    Why Parliament needs to legislate for a new suspect anonymity law (Jenny Wiltshire)
  25. 17 September 2018
    Disclosure ruling is a game-changer for fraud investigations (Ross Dixon)
  26. 11 September 2018
    KBR v SFO - High Court determines SFO can compel production of material held overseas (Ross Dixon and Chris du Boulay)
  27. 24 July 2018
    Crime fighting is no job for amateurs (Jenny Wiltshire)
  28. 30 May 2018
    Who is accountable for deaths in custody? (Kate Maynard and Helen Stone)
  29. 26 May 2018
    Demystifying the aftermath of a workplace death (Andrew Katzen)
  30. May 2018
    Are the CQC's increased powers translating into better care? (Andrew Katzen and Claire Wallace)
  31. 23 May 2018
    Technology is no panacea for problems across the justice system (Jenny Wiltshire)
  32. 12 May 2018
    The pitfalls of using an air rifle in your garden (Peter Csemiczky)
  33. 9 May 2018
    Death on site: the legal aftermath (Andrew Katzen and Claire Wallace)
  34. April 2018
    Inquests: Recent Developments (Daniel Machover with Leslie Thomas QC and Adam Straw)
  35. 18 April 2018
    The Met treats too many suspects as guilty until proven innocent (Jenny Wiltshire)
  36. March 2018
    Does greater regulation of care homes create better outcomes? (Andrew Katzen and Claire Wallace)
  37. 20 February 2018
    Police brutality and corruption (Daniel Machover)
  38. 16 February 2018
    Eviscerating Oxfam will not clean up the charity sector (Peter Csemiczky and Ben Rose)
  39. 9 January 2018
    Unproven allegations: a threat to the presumption of innocence (Stefano Ruis)
  40. 8 January 2018
    Battling for the truth: the rights of bereaved families (Kate Maynard and Daniel Machover)
  41. 2 January 2018
    Inquests, investigations and how to navigate them (Daniel Machover)
  42. 21 November 2017
    The crime of cuckoo smurfing (Andrew Katzen)
  43. October 2017
    Inquests: recent developments (Daniel Machover with Leslie Thomas QC, Adam Straw and Tom Stoate)
  44. 27 September 2017
    The FRC had no chance of success over HBOS KPMG audit probe (Ross Dixon)
  45. July 2017
    High Court refuses declaration over prison deaths (Eva Whittall)
  46. July 2017
    HMP Elmley fails to learn from prison deaths (Beth Handley with Sean Horstead)
  47. 31 July 2017
    The Cardiff Five and the disclosure problems that ‘blight our justice system’ (Kate Maynard)
  48. 18 July 2017
    The Impact of new Money Laundering Regulations on trustees and their advisers (Ross Dixon)
  49. 25 May 2017
    Candour and criminal defence: a problem for providers and managers in the health and social care sectors (Andrew Katzen)
  50. 16 May 2017
    Without legal aid prisoners cannot get justice (Kate Maynard)
  51. 11 May 2017
    The Criminal Finances Act 2017 – examining the impact on POCA 2002 (Ross Dixon)
  52. 13 April 2017
    Criminal law and fatalities in the workplace: what HR needs to know (Andrew Katzen and Claire Wallace)
  53. 31 March 2017
    Bail reform is a missed opportunity (Jenny Wiltshire)
  54. 17 March 2017
    UK financial sanctions enforcement to get American style muscle (Andrew Katzen)
  55. 6 March 2017
    Getting tough on financial fraud - lessons from recent SFO prosecutions (Andrew Katzen and Fiona Bowen)
  56. 3 March 2017
    Comment on Chief Constable Bailey’s recent proposals: Decriminalise some images – or give cops more money (Jenny Wiltshire)
  57. 13 January 2017
    International corruption cases: overcoming co-operation challenges (Andrew Katzen and Fiona Bowen)
  58. 12 December 2016
    Human Rights Day – business and human rights (Daniel Machover)
  59. 21 October 2016
    Unravelling non-state entrapment – the effect on previous convictions (Ben Rose and Christopher du Boulay)
  60. 16 September 2016
    Slow Motion videos – help or hinder? (Jenny Wiltshire)
  61. 3 August 2016
    Abuse of process in historical cases: A thing of the past? (Jenny Wiltshire and John McNamara)
  62. 19 July 2016
    The devastating impact of CPS failures (Jenny Wiltshire)
  63. 13 July 2016
    Theresa May's accession may doom the SFO (Andrew Katzen)
  64. 4 June 2016
    Why Cameron's proposed anti-fraud and money laundering laws won't work (Andrew Katzen)
  65. 15 April 2016
    Cartels crackdown - a tale of misguided legislation (Andrew Katzen)
  66. 7 April 2016
    Domestic Violence: When criminal and family law collide (Ross Dixon)
  67. 31 March 2016
    Harvey Proctor and the need for suspect anonymity (Jenny Wiltshire)
  68. 8 February 2016
    Looking beyond the audit: HBOS, KPMG and the FRC (Ross Dixon)
  69. 21 December 2015
    Luxury and fashion retailers beware. The little known law governing trade in endangered species (Ross Dixon)
  70. 22 October 2015
    Leon Brittan investigation reveals worrying gap in the law (Andrew Katzen)
  71. 9 October 2015
    Daniel Machover interviewed on a practitioner's right to challenge evidence at a coronial inquest
  72. 1 October 2015
    Prosecutions for carers and their bosses (Andrew Katzen)
  73. 23 September 2015
    IPCC reform: the challenges (Daniel Machover)
  74. 9 September 2015
    Bicycle Thieves and the Serious Fraud Office (Ben Rose)
  75. 15 July 2015
    The risk of prosecution for SMEs under the Bribery Act 2010 (Andrew Katzen and Thomas Bushnell)
  76. 15 July 2015
    The FX Remediation Programme (Charles Kuhn and Thomas Bushnell)
  77. 10 June 2015
    Data Protection penalties on local authorities rob Peter to pay Paul (Andrew Katzen and Ruth Barber)
  78. 1 May 2015
    Terror attack inquest: BP's policy of prioritising profits over people revealed in gory detail (Beth Handley)
  79. 1 April 2015
    Dishonest Bankers – What is the Test? (Charles Kuhn and Thomas Bushnell)
  80. 18 February 2015
    Police officers no longer permitted to resign during investigation into misconduct (Helen Stone)
  81. 6 February 2015
    'What Have We Done to Deserve This?' - Victims of Police Custody Deaths Long for Recognition (Daniel Machover)
  82. 27 January 2015
    Should we be sending the elderly to prison? (Andrew Katzen)
  83. 23 January 2015
    Why the Libor scandal is just the latest chapter in Britain’s obsession with punishment (Ben Rose and Charles Kuhn)
  84. 20 January 2015
    You are never far from a criminal conviction
    (Ben Rose)
  85. 20 January 2015
    The Law's Reverse Discrimination Against Celebrities
    (Ben Rose)
  86. 17 December 2014
    Prohibited weapons – the Exceptional Case of Manuel Wallner (Aileen Colhoun
  87. 26 November 2014
    The treatment of vulnerable youngsters in custody (Helen Stone and Ben Rose)
  88. 13 September 2014
    Social Media Offences (Genevieve Reed and Thomas White)
  89. 05 September 2014
    The hidden mischief of police cautions (Stefano Ruis)
  90. 19 August 2014
    Flexible  justice: the merits of the Bernie Ecclestone ruling (Charles Kuhn)
  91. 15 August 2014
    Preventing the tragic deaths of children in custody (Helen Stone)
  92. 28 July 2014
    Who should be liable for corporate fraud (Andrew Katzen
  93. 25 July 2014
    How was Tulisa's case ever allowed to proceed? (Ben Rose)
  94. 28 June 2014
    The Rise of the Regulators - The challenges for businesses in an age of regulation (Lucy Clark and Christopher Honnery)
  95. 20 June 2014
    The High Court has confirmed HMRC and other state agents' obligation to produce documents for coroners (Daniel Machover)
  96. 18 June 2014
    The rising cost of economic crime – to the offender (Andrew Katzen and Thomas White)
  97. 24 April 2014
    Lawyer-client confidentiality at risk following Strasbourg's decision in ocalan v. Turkey (Daniel Machover, Charles Kuhn and Christopher Honnery)
  98. 11 April 2014
    Legal focus: Deferred prosecution agreements – proceed with caution (Ross Dixon)
  99. 22 August 2012
    Restrictions on the instruction of of experts in family proceedings (Jenny Wiltshire)
  100. 17 July 2012
    Ben Rose speaking at Halisbury Law Exchange panel with the Attorney General on Bribery
  101. July 2012
    Expert evidence in Jayden Wray case (Jenny Wiltshire)
  102. 2 July 2012
    Deferred Prosecution Agreements and the individual (Ross Dixon)
  103. May 2012
    Private Eye picks up Andrew Katzen's arms-to-Iraq case
  104. 25 April 2012
    ECJ judgment of Pye Phyo Tay Za (Andrew Katzen and Nicholas Querée)
  105. 3 April 2012
    Deferred Prosecutor Agreements (Ben Rose and Nick Queree)
  106. 29 March 2012
    New Law Journal picks up Jane Hickman's blog on the proposed strict liability cartel offence (Jane Hickman)
  107. 22 March 2012
    Why economic sanctions do not always work (Andrew Katzen and Nicholas
  108. 25 January 2012
    Advocate General’s backing for bid to annul EU sanctions (Ross Dixon and Nicholas Querée)
  109. 08 December 2011
    Deferred Prosecution Agreements (Ross Dixon and Alan Ward)
  110. 02 June 2011
    Letter to the Prime Minister supporting the decriminalisation of drugs (Jane Hickman)
  111. June 2011
    Decriminalisation of drugs (Jane Hickman)
  112. 06 April 2011
    Accountability for war crimes remains the priority after Goldstone 'rethink' (Daniel Machover)
  113. 30 March 2011
    Arrest warrant plans make a mockery of universal jurisdiction (Daniel Machover)
  114. 1 March 2011
    Incentivising whistleblowers: What can other countries learn from the US? (Jane Hickman and Ross Dixon)
  115. 19 August 2010
    Information sharing and CRB checks in Law Gazette (Anna Mazzola)
  116. 16 December 2009
    What David Miliband should say to Tzipi Livni (Daniel Machover)
  117. 13 November 2009
    Secret inquiries seriously undermine the principle of open justice (Daniel Machover)
  118. October 2009
    Tougher action by prosectors puts directors and officers at risk (Ben Rose and Jane Hickman)
  119. 4 October 2009
    The Goldstone Report (letter to the editor) (Daniel Machover)
  120. 1 October 2009
    The Paul Smith case (Kate Maynard)
  121. September 2009
    The Inquest into the death of Brendan Flynn
    (Anna Crawford)
  122. 2 July 2009
    Eurojust, the EU fraud body failing to fulfil its brief (Ben Rose and Arturo John)
  123. 7 May 2009
    The work of Youth at Risk and Freshfields in supporting students at University (Ben Rose with Mark Rawlinson)
  124. 17 April 2009
    The unnecessary veto of the attorney general over judicial arrest warrants (Daniel Machover)
  125. 5 Feb 2009
    The quick decisions that could become a miscarriage of justice (Roland Ellis)
  126. 10 Jan 2009
    Holding abettors of war crimes accountable (Daniel Machover with Adri Nieuwhof)
  127. 23 July 2008
    Employers - watch your step (Jane Hickman and Anna Mazzola)
  128. 17 June 2008
    The use of experts in money laundering cases
    (Andrew Katzen with Nick Yeo)
  129. 21 May 2008
    Calls for reform to the Serious Fraud Office (Jane Hickman)
  130. 26 March 2008
    Intervening in inquests (Daniel Machover with Deborah Coles)
  131. 11 March 2008
    Corruption cases and the rule of law (Ben Rose and Arturo John)
  132. April 2007
    Adam Smith and legal aid (Jane Hickman with Sue Pearson)
  133. 4 Oct 2005
    Universal criminal jurisdiction (Daniel Machover and Kate Maynard)
  134. March 2005
    Legal aid reform (Jane Hickman)
  135. 16 Nov 2004
    Profile article on Daniel Machover
  136. 24 April-1 May 2004
    Human Rights visit to Iran (Jane Hickman)
  137. 8 June 2001
    Dying for justice (Daniel Machover with Deborah Coles)
  138. 11 May 2001
    Why prisoners too should vote (Daniel Machover)
  139. 2 Nov 1999
    Profile article on Daniel Machover: Making a case for the underdog
  140. Read more by Jane Hickman - Playing games and cheating: fairness in the criminal justice system