Jane Hickman and Ben Rose established the partnership in Hackney in 1991.  The firm moved to Angel, Islington in 1994, adding offices in the City of London and Tottenham in 2005.  We consolidated at our present office in Clerkenwell in 2008.


The ethos of the firm is completely client focused.  We deliver a service which incorporates team work, group learning and reflection.  Communication within the firm is a high priority, with monthly meetings of the different teams and a culture of openness.  We have a lively program of in-house training which earns CPD points.

We are passionately committed to high standards of work on behalf of clients.  We are currently working to improve and enhance the support and coaching we offer solicitors during the probationary period.

Public Funding

For many years we were one of the largest criminal legal aid firms in London.  In recent years there have been massive cuts in legal aid funding which made our standard of work uneconomic.  By accepting a much smaller number of publicly funded cases we have maintained our commitment to ensuring that in every case we do take on the client is properly served.