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Many of our cases attract significant press interest.  Our lawyers are also asked regularly to comment on current legal issues.​

  1. 13 May 2021
    Ross Dixon sets out his concerns for individuals wrongly blamed in Deferred Prosecution Agreements, after acquittal of another Hickman & Rose client prosecuted by the SFO following a DPA (A Lawyer Writes)
  2. 26 April 2021
    Andrew Katzen identifies Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPA) as a major contributory factor in the SFO’s decision to drop its prosecution of his client Nicholas Woods in the Serco fraud matter (BBC and elsewhere)
  3. 22 April 2021
    Helen Stone comments on the case of Sean Fitzgerald, an unarmed man shot dead by a West Midlands police firearms officer who is being investigated for gross misconduct (The Guardian)
  4. 29 March 2021
    Peter Csemiczky comments on CPS data indicating it took over then discontinued over half of all recorded private prosecutions (Law Society Gazette)
  5. 18 March 2021
    Daniel Machover analyses Lord Faulks' review of judicial review - and the Government's response to it (Law Society Gazette)
  6. 9 March 2021
    The pandemic is the straw that broke the camel's back’ – Peter Csemiczky explains how Covid-19 has impacted the Criminal Justice System (Law360)
  7. 8 December 2020
    Hickman & Rose research quoted in relation to police and CPS inspectorates’ criticism of implementation of pre-charge bail and released under investigation legislation (Law Society Gazette)
  8. 26 November 2020
    Kate Maynard explains why the family of Jack Merritt have been forced to protect their position by issuing proceedings against the UK Government pending the outcome of the inquest into the Fishmongers’ Hall tragedy (The Guardian)
  9. 21 October 2020
    Claire Wallace warns of the regulatory risks faced by financial workers who use unmonitored communication channels such as WhatsApp while working from home (Financial News)
  10. 5 August 2020
    ‘There is a real possibility the court will not uphold the conviction’, Jane Hickman on the fresh appeal granted to the Firkins brothers (BBC)
  11. 13 July 2020
    ’It's absolutely shocking. It's not just a case of a corrupt's the system itself’ – Jenny Wiltshire appears on the Un:Just podcast to discuss the quashed convictions of her clients Winston Trew and Stephen Simmons (Justice Gap)
  12. 1 July 2020
    Lord Simon Woolley, Dame Una O’Brien, Sir Robert Francis QC, Vic Rayner and Daniel Machover all quoted in report of Hickman & Rose discussion on prospects for a Covid-19 public inquiry (The Guardian)
  13. 12 May 2020
    Jenny Wiltshire sets out the problems with proving ‘causation’ in the high profile death of rail worker Belly Mujinga, who died with Covid-19 after being spat on at work (The Guardian)
  14. 4 May 2020
    Daniel Machover raises concerns about the Chief Coroner’s advice to coroners regarding the role of PPE provision in Covid-19 deaths (BMJ)
  15. 29 April 2020
    Daniel Machover argues that the Chief Coroner’s latest guidance on Covid-19 deaths ‘points to the need for a Public Inquiry’ (The Guardian)
  16. 22 April 2020
    Daniel Machover explains why a Public Inquiry is the best way to judge how the UK Government has dealt with the Covid-19 crisis (The Independent)
  17. 31 March 2020
    Jenny Wiltshire warns that some UK police forces’ actions regarding Covid-19 are ‘hard to square with the law and may amount to a significant legal overreach.' (Law Society Gazette)
  18. 24 March 2020
    Jenny Wiltshire urges the police to conduct a ‘wholesale review’ following the quashing of her client Omar Boucher’s criminal conviction at Court of Appeal (Guardian)
  19. 2 March 2020
    Prince Kwabena Fosu, whose bereaved family Kate Maynard represented at inquest, is found to have died due to ‘gross failure’ of multiple state agencies (BBC)
  20. 29 February 2020
    Ross Dixon raises concerns about the way in which SFO prosecutions are impacting individuals (The Times)
  21. 6 February 2020
    Jenny Wiltshire warns of potential injustice for people accused of crimes under proposed changes to the police’s pre-charge bail and ‘Release under Investigation’ regimes (The Times)
  22. 3 February 2020
    Ross Dixon comments on the fairness to individuals of DPAs in the wake of the Airbus DPA (Law 360)
  23. 31 January 2020
    Ross Dixon comments on the potential impact, for individuals, of Deferred Prosecution Agreements in the wake of Airbus’ DPA with the SFO (City AM)
  24. 28 January 2020
    Andrew Katzen discusses the FCA’s power to bring criminal prosecutions for breaching the Money Laundering Regulations (City AM)
  25. 13 January 2020
    Daniel Machover talks about the advantages, for victims of civil fraud, of turning to civil litigation rather than relying solely on the police (Law Society Gazette)
  26. 6 December 2019
    Jenny Wiltshire comments following the acquittal of her clients Winston Trew and George Griffiths at the Court of Appeal of crimes from 47 years ago (The Times and elsewhere)
  27. 26 November 2019
    Daniel Machover warns the Conservative Party's manifesto plans for judicial review 'risk rule of tyranny' (Solicitors' Journal)
  28. 25 November 2019
    Daniel Machover comments on the Conservative Party’s manifesto pledge to set up a commission looking into the Judicial Review process (Legal Business)
  29. 22 November 2019
    Daniel Machover raises concerns about ‘reflective practice’ – a proposed new complaints process for the police (The Times)
  30. 14 November 2019
    Kate Maynard expresses her clients' thoughts at the news that the police officers accused of being involved in footballer Dalian Atkinson's death have been suspended from work (The Guardian)
  31. 7 November 2019
    Kate Maynard speaks for her client, the family of deceased footballer Dalian Atkinson, after two police officers are charged in connection with his death – one with murder (Evening Standard and others) 
  32. 5 November 2019
    Jenny Wiltshire welcomes the Government's review of the police bail system, which she says has proved a failure (The Telegraph)
  33. 24 October 2019
    Helen Stone calls the IOPC's decision to drop disciplinary action against two police officers involved in Thomas Orchard's case "a matter of grave concern to the public" (The Guardian)
  34. 10 October 2019
    Andrew Katzen comments on the SDT ruling against Freshfields partner Ryan Beckwith in his high-profile misconduct case (Legal Business and others)
  35. 9 October 2019
    Jenny Wiltshire warns of how Released Under Investigation means people who are accused of crimes must wait longer before being able to clear their names (The Guardian and others)
  36. 4 October 2019
    Daniel Machover warns of the extremely low prosecution rate for fraud and suggests some victims may do better by taking action in the civil courts (Financial Times)
  37. 12 September 2019
    Peter Csemiczky comments on why the CPS's rape prosecution and conviction rate has fallen (The Guardian)
  38. 19 August 2019
    Stefano Ruis warns about personal privacy risk of ‘smart technologies’- and companies’ responsibility to properly look after our data (The Sun)
  39. 14 August 2019
    Daniel Machover speaks for his clients, the family of deceased footballer Emiliano Sala, who want to see the aeroplane in which he died raised from seafloor (BBC and others)
  40. 15 July 2019
    Jenny Wiltshire calls Release Under Investigation 'a national scandal' while commenting on recently-issued guidance on how police should handle the new bail regime (The Times)
  41. 12 July 2019
    Helen Stone comments on the decision not to proceed with disciplinary action against police officers in relation to Thomas Orchard's death (The Guardian)
  42. 1 July 2019
    Andrew Katzen comments on the SDT's ability to properly judge sexual assault type allegations made against solicitors (Law Society Gazette)
  43. 12 June 2019
    Andrew Katzen explains why the number of solicitors facing disciplinary hearings has increased by 40 per cent over past five years (The Times)
  44. 5 June 2019
    Daniel Machover speaks for his clients, the family of deceased footballer Emiliano Sala, after police announce arrests in related criminal case (Huffington Post)
  45. 5 June 2019
    Daniel Machover explains how the coroners court system can be used to reveal truths in suspicious deaths such as that of footballer Emiliano Sala, whose family he represents (Daily Mail)
  46. 3 May 2019
    Helen Stone highlights the “worryingly haphazard” way police procure, test and use restraint equipment after Devon and Cornwall force fined £235k in Thomas Orchard case (The Guardian)
  47. 18 April 2019
    Helen Stone reflects on judge’s causation decision in Thomas Orchard case following Devon and Cornwall police’s ‘landmark’ guilty plea to health and safety charge (The Guardian)
  48. 9 April 2019
    Helen Stone explains why the courts are often the only way to hold the police to account in cases such Duncan Tomlin’s (The Independent)
  49. 19 March 2019
    Jenny Wiltshire analyses how changes to the Bail Act and the Henriques Report have changed the way police treat criminal suspects (The Justice Gap) 
  50. 18 March 2019
    Jenny Wiltshire explains how changes to the police bail regime have resulted in people spending longer ‘in legal limbo’ than before (Telegraph)
  51. 1 March 2019
    Daniel Machover criticises Sean Rigg police misconduct ruling that 'flies in the face' of inquest jury verdict (BBC)
  52. 31 January 2019
    Daniel Machover on the Supreme Court’s denial of compensation to two men who suffered serious miscarriages of justice (Independent)
  53. 25 January 2019
    Jenny Wiltshire raises concerns about the police use of evidence gathered by so-called ‘paedophile hunter’ groups (The Times)
  54. 24 January 2019
    Ross Dixon sounds the alarm on Deferred Prosecution Agreements for senior executives whose companies are under investigation by the SFO (FT and others)
  55. 7 December 2018
    Ross Dixon discussing the acquittal of his client former Tesco UK managing director Chris Bush (BBC Radio 4’s Today programme)
  56. 19 November 2018
    Andrew Katzen discusses the law around fitness to practice in the context of three solicitors struck off for dishonestly by the SRA (Law Society Gazette)
  57. 14 November 2018
    Andrew Katzen talks about the pressures facing junior lawyers and how the SRA may be able to help (Personnel Today)
  58. 14 November 2018
    Andrew Katzen argues the decision to strike off junior solicitor Sovani James was wrong – and says the SRA must address law's mental health and wellbeing problem (The Times)
  59. 9 November 2018
    Andrew Katzen argues against lowering the standard of proof in Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal cases (Law Society Gazette)
  60. 30 October 2018
    Kate Maynard strongly criticises the CPS in relation to the immigration centre death of Prince Fosu after the CPS reverses its earlier decision to press charges against private prison operators (The Guardian)
  61. 29 October 2018
    Ben Rose raises concerns about the promised increased use of Unexplained Wealth Orders against wealthy UK residents (City AM)
  62. 19 October 2018
    Helen Stone comments on the significance of Devon and Cornwall police pleading guilty to health and safety breaches in connection with the death of Thomas Orchard (Daily Mail)
  63. 19 October 2018
    Helen Stone calls for all UK police forces to urgently review restraint equipment use after Devon and Cornwall force plead guilty to offence in connection with the death of Thomas Orchard (The Independent)
  64. 16 October 2018
    Hickman & Rose among victim law firms demanding urgent toxicity tests on the ground around tower (The Guardian)
  65. 11 October 2018
    Ben Rose analyses the ramifications of the NCA's use of an Unexplained Wealth Order against Zamira Hajiyeva (Financial Times)
  66. 8 October 2018
    Partner Ben Rose warns of potential threat to justice posed by Unexplained Wealth Orders (Law Society Gazette)
  67. 5 October 2018
    Ben Rose analyses the impact of the first successful use of an Unexplained Wealth Order (The Times)
  68. 27 September 2018
    Jenny Wiltshire on why Parliament needs to legislate for a new suspect anonymity law (The Times)
  69. 26 September 2018
    Jenny Wiltshire explains why it's right the CPS tread carefully in sexual assault cases (The Guardian)
  70. 26 September 2018
    Ross Dixon quoted on the impact of KBR v SFO in white collar crime investigations (Law Society Gazette)
  71. 5 August 2018
    Andrew Katzen on defence lawyers' duties to fugitive clients (The Daily Mail)
  72. 30 July 2018
    “Another nail in the coffin for the presumption of innocence” Stefano Ruis on the Supreme Court decision on disclosure (The Guardian)
  73. 18 July 2018
    Jenny Wiltshire calls for anonymity for suspects following Cliff Richard's case (The Financial Times)
  74. 4 July 2018
    A victory for open justice: Daniel Machover on the Supreme Court decision in the Belhaj case (LexisNexis)
  75. 29 June 2018
    Stefano Ruis on facial recognition technology (Computer Business Review)
  76. 28 June 2018
    Jane Hickman on 'one of the most extreme miscarriages of justice' (Vice)
  77. 14 June 2018
    Daniel Machover discusses the Wormwood Scrubs abuse scandal (Channel 5) 
  78. 4 June 2018
    "Not in an enviable position" Ben Rose on the SFO's new director (City AM)
  79. 30 May 2018
    Ben Rose on Zuckerberg's refusal to appear before Parliament (The Sun)
  80. 29 May 2018
    Ben Rose to chair conference on the future of the criminal justice system (Future Criminal Justice Summit)
  81. 21 May 2018
    "An inauspicious start" Andrew Katzen on the SFO's charges against Barclays (The Guardian)
  82. 11 May 2018
    Stefano Ruis speaks on civil actions against the police (Youth Justice Legal Centre)
  83. 24 April 2018
    Helen Stone on the prosecution of Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police (The Guardian)
  84. 26 March 2018
    "A question which has implications for us all” Ben Rose on the right to be forgotten (The Daily Mail
  85. 25 March 2018
    Ben Rose discusses technology in the law (The Telegraph)
  86. 22 February 2018
    Oxfam unlikely to face criminal prosecution says Andrew Katzen (The Times)
  87. 20 February 2018
    Kate Maynard and Andrew Katzen speak on deaths in the workplace (Safety Management)
  88. 12 February 2018
    Ross Dixon comments on the Barclays Bank charges (Bloomberg)
  89. 5 February 2018
    How did the supposedly dangerous gangster turn into this gentle, law-abiding guy? Jane Hickman on the Tom Bourke case (Sputnik News)
  90. 17 January 2018
    Jenny Wiltshire’s client wins extraordinary miscarriage of justice case (The Guardian)
  91. 8 January 2018
    ‘Scapegoated for the systemic problems related to Libor’ Ben Rose on the Danziger case (Reuters)
  92. 23 December 2017
    Court of Appeal censures the IPCC - Kate Maynard on the Miah case (The Telegraph)
  93. 7 December 2017
    Hickman & Rose secures new inquest following ‘institutional defensiveness and obstruction’ (Camden New Journal)
  94. 6 December 2017
    High Court grants fresh inquest into the death of Onese Power (The Guardian)
  95. 6 December 2017
    Missed opportunity: CPS charges would have helped bring about change and accountability (BBC)
  96. 16 November 2017
    Andrew Katzen discusses tax evasion (The Times) 
  97. 9 November 2017
    Andrew Katzen on politics and extradition (The Times)
  98. 18 October 2017
    Daniel Machover comments on compensation for the families of Grenfell victims (Reuters)
  99. 9 October 2017
    "Is this the justice system we want?" Jane Hickman on the Firkins case (BBC Inside Out)
  100. 3 October 2017
    Charles Kuhn on the FCA’s failings (The Times)
  101. 19 September 2017
    FRC's decision to end KPMG probe 'not surprising' says Charles Kuhn (The Telegraph)
  102. 10 September 2017
    Jane Hickman comments on Plymouth Dance Academy case (Plymouth Herald)
  103. 4 September 2017
    Hickman & Rose represents Kirsty Gallacher at Slough Magistrates Court on a drink driving charge (The Telegraph)
  104. 29 August 2017
    Charles Kuhn comments on ‘lowballing’ Libor charges against French bankers (The Times)
  105. 29 August 2017
    Daniel Machover comments on healthcare in prisons (The Guardian)
  106. 21 August 2017
    Jenny Wiltshire predicts increase in online hate crime prosecutions (The Independent)
  107. 19 July 2017
    Andrew Katzen discusses gross negligence manslaughter sentencing in health and safety cases (Safety Management)
  108. 18 July 2017
    Kate Maynard describes monumental errors in Cardiff three police prosecution as a “false economy” (The Guardian)
  109. 3 July 2017
    Andrew Katzen explains the rising fines in health and safety cases (British Safety Council)
  110. 29 June 2017
    Ben Rose calls Financial Reporting Council PwC investigation a wakeup call to auditors (CNBC)
  111. 24 June 2017
    Ben Rose discusses the controversy surrounding the Barclays prosecutions (The Telegraph)
  112. 21 June 2017
    Ben Rose calls for the SFO to get a political champion and proper resource after Queen’s Speech reprieve (Reuters)
  113. 21 June 2017
    Ben Rose explains why the Barclays charges are so risky (The Times)
  114. 20 June 2017
    SFO is betting the farm on high risk Barclays charges says Ben Rose (New York Times)
  115. 13 June 2017
    Jenny Wiltshire discusses grooming on social networks (BBC File on Four)
  116. 13 June 2017
    Ben Rose comments on the difficulty of monitoring traders’ WhatsApp as Blackberry announces new tech (The FT)
  117. 7 June 2017
    Daniel Machover comments on Theresa May’s misguided calls to change human rights to combat terrorism (Lexis PSL)
  118. 25 May 2017
    Daniel Machover comments on landmark Supreme Court decision on prison discrimination (Lexis PSL)
  119. 18 May 2017
    Ben Rose comments on the proposed closure of the SFO (Financial Times)
  120. 16 May 2017
    Andrew Katzen and Claire Wallace comment on the HSE Fee For Intervention consultation (Safety Management)
  121. 10 April 2017
    Kate Maynard comments on prisoners’ right to legal aid following important Court of Appeal ruling (BuzzFeed News)
  122. 7 April 2017
    Charles Kuhn comments on Libor prosecutions: Bank of England knew submissions reflected commercial preferences years before regulators took action (The Times)
  123. 4 April 2017
    Kate Maynard comments on CPS charging decision in relation to 2012 death of Prince Fosu in Harmondsworth IRC (The Guardian)
  124. 2 April 2017
    Daniel Machover seeks assurances that Foreign Office will not stand in the way of due process in the police investigation of alleged war crimes by Saudi General (The Guardian)
  125. 17 February 2017
    Andrew Katzen comments on bias in the HSE’s Fee for Intervention scheme (Safety Management)
  126. 14 February 2017
    Daniel Machover responds to retiring Met Chief's call for "more trust" in firearms officers (The Guardian)
  127. 13 February 2017
    Appeal for public help on the long running Firkins miscarriage of justice (Cornwall Live)
  128. 2 February 2017
    Jenny Wiltshire comments on new 28 day time limits for pre-charge bail (The Times, The Brief)
  129. 13 January 2017
    Charles Kuhn comments on the harsh choice facing German VW executives indicted in the USA (Reuters)
  130. 15 December 2016
    Ben Rose comments on the RBS privilege dispute unfolding in the Employment Tribunal (GIR)
  131. 21 November 2016 
    Jenny Wiltshire comments on the difficulty of unenforceable laws (Vice)
  132. 31 October 2016
    Ben Rose’s client Peter Boone rejects Portuguese accusation of market manipulation (The Financial Times)
  133. 13 October 2016
    Judge dismisses criminal proceedings against Ben Rose's client Peter Boone (The Financial Times)
  134. 9 October 2016
    Mazher Mahmood convicted of perverting the course of justice (The Independent)
  135. 2 October 2016
    Andrew Katzen comments on the Sarao case (Daily Mail)
  136. 18 August 2016
    Hickman & Rose hired by Dalian Atkinson's family (The Guardian)
  137. 12 July 2016
    Andrew Katzen suspects the SFO may not survive long (Bloomberg)
  138. 8 July 2016
    Peter Csemiczky warning on football banning order (The Express)
  139. 6 July 2016
    Daniel Machover on the power of the ICC to try a senior British politician (The Guardian)
  140. 1 July 2016
    This case should never have been prosecuted, says Jenny Wiltshire (The Irish Examiner)
  141. 13 June 2016
    Ross Dixon reacts to KPMG resignation as Fifa auditor (The Financial Times)
  142. 15 April 2016
    Charles Kuhn criticises the FCA's targeting of junior individuals (The Times)
  143. 12 April 2016
    Jane Hickman seeks justice for client Tom Bourke (BBC)
  144. 12 April 2016
    Daniel Machover criticises the IPCC in the wake of Darren Neville investigation (BBC)
  145. 4 April 2016
    Ben Rose comments on US money laundering enforcement following Panama leaks (CNBC)
  146. 23 March 2016
    Andrew Katzen comments on the Sarao extradition case (BBC World Service
  147. 23 March 2016
    Andrew Katzen on flash crash trader Sarao's extradition ruling (CNBC)
  148. 15 March 2016
    Is the SFO losing its appetite for risk? Ben Rose comments (Reuters)
  149. 8 March 2016
    Kate Maynard explains the role of police and nurse communication failures in the death of Philmore Mills (various regional media)
  150. 24 February 2016
    Kate Maynard on the catalogue of police failures contributing to Ronnie Khan's death (The Times)
  151. 18 February 2016
    Joint Enterprise: Daniel Machover interviewed on the 30-year long misinterpretation of the law (The Independent)
  152. 26 January 2016
    Ben Rose comments on Andrew Bailey's appoint to head the FCA (The Financial Times)
  153. 21 January 2016
    Ross Dixon comments on revenue recognition rules (accountancy LIVE)
  154. 10 January 2016
    Ben Rose comments on the FCA, operation Tabernula and the nature of complex criminal cases (The Financial Times)
  155. 22 December 2015
    Further comment from Ben Rose on "disheartening" Tom Hayes appeal result (City AM)
  156. 21 December 2015
    Ben Rose comments on implications of Tom Hayes appeal result for Square Mile
  157. 2 December 2015
    Ross Dixon warns corporates about the SFO’s powerful new tools
  158. 30 November 2015
    Ross Dixon interviewed on implications for SFO of NCA search warrant scandal (Global Investigations Review)
  159. 27 November 2015
    Ben Rose on NCA failings as government seeks to extend powers of intrusion (The Financial Times)
  160. 19 November 2015
    Charles Kuhn comments on implications of HBOS report (The Guardian)
  161. 18 November 2015
    Jenny Wiltshire's client William Wade cleared of manslaughter (BBC)
  162. 9 November 2015
    Jenny Wiltshire's client Roy Harper acquitted of historical abuse allegations
     (The Guardian)
  163. 16 September 2015
    Ben Rose comments on the erosion of rights of the wealthy and high-profile (The Financial Times)
  164. 13 September 2015
    Ben Rose comments on Martin Wheatley’s “parting gift” to The City
    (The Financial Times)
  165. 3 September 2015
    Charles Kuhn on Ecclestone, bribery and German law (The New York Times)
  166. 18 August 2015
    Sarao flash crash case "raises more questions than it answers", says Ben Rose (The Financial Times)
  167. 17 August 2015
    The idea that Navinder Sarao caused the flash crash is "plainly ridiculous", says Ben Rose (The Financial Times)
  168. 11 August 2015
    Ben Rose wins first case of alleged LIBOR manipulation before FCA (The Financial Times)
  169. 5 August 2015
    Ben Rose comments on Tom Hayes verdict (City AM)
  170. 23 June 2015
    Ben Rose comments on Macris case (Bloomberg)
  171. 6 June 2015
    More crimes created than ever before (The Guardian)
  172. 23 April 2015
    Andrew Katzen settles FCA investigation for insurance intermediary firm (Financial Conduct Authority)
  173. 19 April 2015
    Theresa May admits justice system fails families over deaths in police custody (The Guardian)
  174. 15 August 2014
    Former FCA Barrister Charles Kuhn interviewed on the regulator's methods (Bloomberg)
  175. 1 August 2014
    Jenny Wiltshire wins yet another murder case at the Central Criminal Court (BBC)
  176. 1 August 2014
    Why everyone wants Ben Rose on their side (The Evening Standard)
  177. 30 July 2014
    Former police officer charged with murder of Azelle Rodney
    (CPS blog)
  178. 26 June 2014
    Catalogue of police failings contributed to death after nightclub ejection (BBC)
  179. 20 June 2014
    Daniel Machover on retirement of police officers who face conduct inquiries (BBC)
  180. 4 April 2014
    Multiple failings found at inquest of Jake Hardy (The Guardian)
  181. 13 March 2014
    Ben Rose successfully defends the Wasted Costs Application against Akin Gump (The Financial Times)
  182. 12 March 2014
    Charles Kayonga in Britain: UK crime agency 'failed to act on arrest warrant for Rwandan general' (Lanka News Web)
  183. 11 March 2014
    Former FCA insider Charles Kuhn warns of gravity of market abuse (Bloomberg)
  184. 27 February 2014
    Azelle Rodney shooting: police marksman loses high court challenge (The Guardian)
  185. 11 February 2014
    Coma man Denby Colins' 'missing seven hours' (BBC)
  186. 16 January 2014
    Ben Rose speaks on fraud and white collar crime (Corporate LiveWire)
  187. 9 December 2013
    Family of Sean Rigg welcome reopening of police investigation into death (The Independent)
  188. 4 November 2013
    H&R client wins £3.8million damages from Sussex Police (Various regional Media)
  189. 27 September 2013
    No public enquiry into collapse of perjury case against South Wales Police (Channel 4 News)
  190. 30 August 2013
    Dominic Eliott inquest misadventure verdict (The Telegraph)
  191. 16 July 2013
    Cardiff Three police corruption case collapsed 'due to disclosure failures' (The Guardian)
  192. 13 June 2013
    Jenny Wiltshire represents sports agent acquitted of murder (BBC)
  193. 17 May 2013
    Police watchdog criticised for errors in investigation into death in custody (The Guardian)
  194. 10 May 2013
    U.S. case against Maksim Bakiev dropped (Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty)
  195. 26 April 2013
    Deep and pernicious corruption in Avon and Somerset Police (Various regional Media)
  196. 22 April 2013
    H&R client Anthony Redman, who won damages for race discrimination by police, in short movie “Viewed With Suspicion” (StopWatch)
  197. 28 February 2013
    Jenny Wiltshire defends father charged with manslaughter (STV News)
  198. 6 February 2013
    Jenny Wiltshire acts for Chris Nathaniel in Murder trial (BBC)
  199. 3 January 2013
    Hickman & Rose client comments on Nepal arrest (BBC)
  200. 1 December 2012
    Kevin Nunn's case goes to Supreme Court (Various regional Media)
  201. 26 November 2012
    New evidence unearthed at Azelle Rodney Enquiry (The Guardian)
  202. 12 November 2012
    Independent Review of IPCC investigation into Sean Rigg’s death begins (The Independent)
  203. 15 October 2012
    Azelle Rodney lawyers 'can see' police surveillance film (BBC)
  204. 27 September 2012
    Inquest examines death of man pepper-sprayed by police (The Voice)
  205. 3 September 2012
    Hickman & Rose represents Azelle Rodney's mother in police shooting inquiry (The Daily Mail)
  206. 26 August 2012
    Maria Piggin gets international coverage (Herald on Sunday (Auckland, NZ))
  207. 17 August 2012
    Hickman & Rose win new accountability by police (The Independent)
  208. 15 August 2012
    Sean Rigg investigation: IPCC announces independent review of its own investigation into the death of a mentally ill man in police custody (The Independent)
  209. 2 August 2012
    The story behind Sean Rigg’s death (The Independent)
  210. 19 July 2012
    Beth Handley challenges Gove in Downhill School JR (BBC)
  211. 14 July 2012
    Dance Academy boss Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh is freed from jail (Various regional Media)
  212. 26 June 2012
    PC accused of lying over Sean Rigg custody death (BBC)
  213. 23 April 2012
    Anna Crawford condemns police investigation (The Guardian)
  214. 20 April 2012
    Jenny Wiltshire discusses Al-Alas acquittal (BBC Today Programme)
  215. 12 April 2012
    Solicitor Anna Crawford speaks on Kester David case (BBC)
  216. 11 April 2012
    Family of Philmore Mills seek accountability (Mirror)
  217. 17 January 2012
    Partner Beth Handley forces climb down on Michael Gove (The Telegraph)
  218. 16 January 2012
    Worst miscarriage of justice I have seen says Jane Hickman (Various regional Media)
  219. 22 December 2011
    Cardiff Five: 'We've lived through hell since 1988. We have the right to a public inquiry' (The Independent)
  220. 9 December 2011
    Couple cleared of killing son after doctors failed to diagnose rickets (The Guardian)
  221. 7 December 2011
    Ben Rose addresses the Transparency International Conference on EU corruption, Brussels (Transparency International)
  222. 7 December 2011
    Ben Rose to speak at Brussels conference on how EU can tackle corruption (Transparency International)
  223. 25 November 2011
    Beth Handley wins compensation for protestors over unlawful arrest (Various regional media)
  224. 23 September 2011
    Police to explain broken CCTV after station death (The Independent)
  225. 28 July 2011
    Hickman & Rose act in multi million pound mortgage fraud case (The Daily Mail)
  226. 11 July 2011
    Hickman & Rose review Harbottle and Lewis file for News Corp (BBC)
  227. 6 July 2011
    Ben Rose instructs Ken Macdonald QC on behalf of News Corp (The Lawyer)
  228. 03 February 2011
    FSA secures another high-profile conviction for insider dealing (Legal Week)
  229. 25 January 2011
    CCRC Application lodged by Plymouth Club Owner (Various regional media)
  230. 11 November 2010
    'Terrorism' arrest man hits out at IPCC probe (Various regional media)
  231. 4 October 2010
    ‘Secret Inquiry’ into the Police Shooting of Azelle Rodney Begins (INQUEST)
  232. 14 August 2010
    Failed by her keepers: Ana Attia's story (The Independent)
  233. 2 August 2010
    Paramedic not guilty of three-month-old son's murder (BBC)
  234. 29 June 2010
    Jane Hickman calls on new government to institute strict quality controls on legal aid firms (BBC Radio 4)
  235. 10 June 2010
    Ken Clarke sets up secret inquiry into police killing of Azelle Rodney (The Guardian)
  236. 3 June 2010
    IPCC orders police to apologise over Rachel Nickell murderer (The Guardian)
  237. 3 June 2010
    Rachel Nickell family ponder case against police (The Independent)
  238. 30 May 2010
    Ministers move to change universal jurisdiction law (The Guardian)
  239. 13 May 2010
    Ross Dixon acted in $1 billion bank note case (The Telegraph)
  240. 14 April 2010
    The Big Question: What is legal aid and should we be providing so much of it? (The Independent)
  241. 19 March 2010
    Jenny Wiltshire secures acquittal of Councillor charged with corruption (Various regional media)
  242. 16 March 2010
    FSA charges banker and wife with insider trading (The Telegraph)
  243. 15 March 2010
    Couple charged as FSA clamps down on insider dealing (The Guardian)
  244. 15 February 2010
    Convicted for buggery 51 years ago – and still paying a price (The Guardian)
  245. 31 January 2010
    Man paralysed after arrest demands a full public inquiry (The Independent)
  246. 5 January 2010
    Lawfare over Gaza war and blockade (The Guardian)
  247. 15 December 2009
    Anna Mazzola acts for Italian art student arrested for filming for fun (The Guardian)
  248. 13 December 2009
    Significant increase in CICA award to child victim of Craig Sweeney (BBC)
  249. 11 December 2009
    Anna Mazzola on stop and search under section 44 of Terrorism Act (The Guardian)
  250. 28 November 2009
    Bid for payout hanging in the balance (Various regional media)
  251. 17 November 2009
    IPCC complaint over Nickell death (BBC)
  252. 12 November 2009
    Secret Inquiries: Daniel Machover examines the implications (The Today Programme interviews at 0712 and 0750)
  253. 7 November 2009
    Parents of two murdered French students begin claim for negligence (The Times)
  254. 6 November 2009
    Police pay damages to foie gras protesters (Various regional media)
  255. 27 October 2009
    Daniel Machover on the probable arrest of Ehud Olmert if he visits the UK (The Guardian)
  256. 22 October 2009
    Hickman & Rose commended in FT Innovative Lawyers Report for its work on behalf of victims of war crimes (The Financial Times)
  257. 22 October 2009
    Hickman & Rose wins two awards in FT Innovative Lawyers "Changing the Rules" category (The Financial Times)
  258. 17 October 2009
    Scotland Yard under fire over picture database of protesters (The Financial Times)
  259. 12 October 2009
    Murder accused's new pay-out bid (BBC)
  260. 12 October 2009
    Newcastle man takes case for compensation to Court of Appeal (Various regional media)
  261. 6 October 2009
    Daniel Machover comments on the Goldstone report (The Guardian)
  262. 5 October 2009
    Cleared killer set for landmark legal case (Various regional media)
  263. 29 September 2009
    Rachel Nickell: Boyfriend plans legal action (The Independent)
  264. 28 September 2009
    Nickell partner seeks Met answers (BBC)
  265. 16 September 2009
    UN report that will be difficult for Israeli government to ignore (The Guardian)
  266. 3 September 2009
    Prisoner awarded £20,000 after assault in cell (The Mirror)
  267. 3 September 2009
    Brain-eating killer claimed two more victims because of 'systematic' NHS failures (The Daily Mail)
  268. 21 August 2009
    Sean Rigg's family claim cover up over death in Brixton police custody (The Guardian)
  269. 20 July 2009
    Anna Mazzola achieves police payout for paedophile victim (Various regional media)
  270. 18 June 2009
    Business of the House (TheyWorkForYou)
  271. 5 June 2009
    Delay saving hanged prisoner (Various regional media)
  272. 21 May 2009
    Anna Mazzola comments in the Guardian on significant case about surveillance of protesters (The Guardian)
  273. 13 May 2009
    Mother of shot 'gangster' Azelle Rodney takes Government to court (The Times)
  274. 7 May 2009
    The wild teenager who set up Youth at Risk. Frances Gibb on Ben Rose (The Times)
  275. 06 April 2009
    Insider trading goes mainstream (The Financial Times)
  276. 27 March 2009
    The Leeds prisoner 'treated worse than a dog' (Various regional media)
  277. 4 March 2009
    Self-styled lord and sex shop owner guilty of £229m bank theft attempt (The Guardian)
  278. 10 February 2009
    Hanged inmate was failed by prison staff, says coroner (The Guardian)
  279. 30 January 2009
    Hickman & Rose threaten judicial review action regarding failure to air Gaza crisis appeal (BBC)
  280. 22 January 2009
    'Lord' masterminded plot to steal £229 million by hacking into City bank computers (The Telegraph)
  281. 8 January 2009
    FSA fines Aon limited £5.25m for failings in its anti-bribery and corruption systems and controls (Financial Services Authority)
  282. 7 January 2009
    Suicide inmate's mother warned prison (The Independent)
  283. 4 January 2009
    Sean Rigg's family hit out at IPCC over failures in investigation into death in custody (The Independent)
  284. 19 December 2008
    Foreign Office advises Britons not to buy Israel settlement properties (The Guardian)
  285. 6 October 2008
    Balfour Beatty gives up £2.25m after SFO probe (The Times)
  286. 14 August 2008
    Roland Ellis’s client Reginald Twigger on police treatment at Climate Camp (Various regional media)
  287. 03 June 2008
    SFO drops overseas corruption inquiry (The Financial Times)
  288. 16 May 2008
    IPCC must control police inquiry (BBC)
  289. 16 May 2008
    IPCC ruling report (audio link) (BBC)
  290. 25 April 2008
    Inmates win prison racism battle (BBC)
  291. 25 April 2008
    Prisoners win legal fight over mistreatment (Various regional media)
  292. 18 March 2008
    Ben Rose's client convicted. "Was drug dealer an MI5 agent?" (BBC)
  293. 20 February 2008
    Papers reveal how alleged war criminal escaped UK arrest (The Guardian)
  294. 20 February 2008
    Israeli general escaped arrest at Heathrow 'because police feared gunfight' (The Times)
  295. 10 December 2007
    Ben Rose's client extradited from US to face prosecution (The Telegraph)
  296. 4 December 2007
    Plan to allow inquest juries to hear phone tap evidence (The Guardian)
  297. 18 July 2007
    Police commence enquiry into activities of Ben Rose's client (BBC)
  298. 7 February 2007
    Beyond justice? (The Guardian)
  299. 13 November 2006
    Prison whistleblower lifts lid on 'regime of torture' (The Guardian)
  300. 26 February 2006
    The long running miscarriage of justice case of Andrew Adams (The Observer Magazine)
  301. 3 June 2005
    Officers who shot table leg man arrested (The Guardian)
  302. 30 October 2004
    Policemen may face charges after unlawful killing verdict (The Guardian)
  303. 30 July 2004
    Prisoners win £2 million for warders' violent abuse (The Times)
  304. 25 May 2004
    Prison Service finally admits fault over suicide of teenager (The Guardian)
  305. 12 December 2003
    Big payout for inmate who said he was raped (The Guardian)
  306. 6 October 2003
    Police watchdog orders hearing (The Guardian)
  307. 2 May 2002
    Ben Rose and Youth at Risk mentioned for their work retrieving vulnerable youth from a life of crime (The Economist)
  308. 25 November 2002
    Police pay £81,000 to man they attacked (The Guardian)
  309. 24 September 2001
    'Newsagent Three' man sues police (BBC)
  310. 8 May 2001
    Jane Hickman criticises Legal Services Commission (The Law Society Gazette)
  311. 13 May 1996
    Hickman & Rose challenge inefficiencies in duty solicitor scheme (The Lawyer)
  312. 13 March 1983
    A younger Jane Hickman defends Greenham protesters (The Guardian)