Ellie Cornish


Ellie is a solicitor in the civil department working in the team representing the interests of bereaved, survivors and former residents of Grenfell Tower in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

Ellie has wide experience of civil liberties matters. She acts for families of people who have lost their lives either in police custody or following contact with authorities and acts in actions against the police and other detaining authorities. She has secured damages for clients for claims arising from assault, false imprisonment, trespass, misfeasance and malicious prosecution, as well as for breach of statutory duty; and has successfully challenged the decisions of public authorities, including proposed disclosures on criminal record certificates and decisions not to prosecute.

Ellie is particularly concerned to advocate for victims of crime in relation to investigative failures by police forces and the CPS. She has achieved various successes in this area, including challenging a CPS decision not to prosecute someone accused of arranging a male baby relative’s non-therapeutic circumcision by deception. The decision to ultimately charge – and the ensuing criminal conviction – are considered to be the first of their kind.

Ellie helps clients navigate the often complex police complaints process, maximising the prospect of a favourable outcome and of preventing reoccurrences of their experiences for themselves and others.