Bribery and Corruption

Hickman & Rose has been involved in almost all the SFO’s major overseas bribery and corruption investigations for the past eight years.  

We are highly skilled and experienced in this area, and we appreciate the huge damage which such allegations do to a business.  Many turn out to be quite unjustified, and in several cases our internal investigations have resulted in our clients being cleared.  We are proud of our track record in dissuading investigative agencies from prosecuting cases at all.  The following are examples of the type of case in which we have been involved :

  • Vuk Hamovic in the international bribery and corruption investigation into Energy Financing Team (not charged) 
  • A main board director of Balfour Beatty over the construction of the Bibliotheca Alexandria (not charged)
  • A central figure in the FSA enquiry into the global activities of AON (not charged)
  • A senior executive in the UK/Australian investigation into Securency (not charged)
  • The Management Standards Committee of News Corp
  • Satellite Information Systems Ltd over the 2010 Commonwealth Games contract in India (investigation dropped)
  • Canterbury Councillor Roger Matthews in his defence against corruption charges (acquitted)