We offer a hugely successful and experienced team in fighting extradition cases across the globe.

Extradition is a terrifying situation for anyone to face.  Not does it bring the normal jeopardy of a criminal case, but the added fear of separation from family and colleagues, loss of income and the stress of dealing with a foreign legal system.  Some defendants even find that they have already been convicted in their absence.

UK citizens may be extradited through the UK court system to an wide range of foreign countries.  In recent years former safeguards have been removed to provide a “fast-track” extradition process.  The whole process from arrest to an extradition hearing can now be just a few days.  Many countries (ranging from Albania to the USA) no longer need to provide evidence to support of the extradition request.  Extradition to EU countries may occur even though the crime is not known to UK law.  The number of requests continues to grow, and many are from countries where standards of justice and human rights are alarmingly low.

But much can be done for someone facing an extradition request.  The key to such cases is the broad framework of international law in which the extradition process rests, which offers numerous legal and tactical arguments.  Skilled and experienced legal advice is therefore at a premium in this area.  In extradition cases more perhaps than any other a speedy response is vital.

Hickman & Rose has a wealth of experience in extradition cases, and excellent links with lawyers and non governmental organisations throughout world that can help in providing expert assistance on foreign law issues.

Current and recent victories for clients subject to extradition requests include:-

  • The initial successes of Shrien Dewani ("the honeymoon accused") against extradition to South Africa
  • The abandonment of US extradition proceedings against Maksim Bakiev, son of the former president of Kyrgyzstan
  • A successful fight against extradition for a client accused of the largest ever fraud in the history of Mauritius
  • No extradition of a client accused of double murder in Albania
  • No extradition for a client convicted in absence abroad of attempted murder and firearms offences