Several key developments have increased the risk of investigatory action and even prosecution by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in recent years.  The FCA might have replaced its hard-hitting chief executive, Martin Wheatley, but he left behind a notoriously tough and broad regulatory regime for senior managers.  It has been particularly busy in 2015-16, with the FCA extracting record penalties.

Once the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) begin investigating a company, it is commonplace for the company in question to order an internal investigation.  As this progresses, individual employees often become embroiled in the larger investigation of the regulators.  The interests of the individual may then conflict with those of the company, and it is critical that he or she receives expert advice at the earliest possible stage.  Our particular expertise lies in representing the individuals who can be caught up in these investigations. 

We have extensive experience acting in FCA insider-dealing investigations and represented the first LIBOR trader to be exonerated before the FCA’s Regulatory Decisions Committee.  With an ex-FCA prosecutor on our legal team, we have an unrivalled knowledge of the FCA’s regulatory process.