Dawn Raids, Search and Seizure

Very few businesses expect a dawn raid from the Serious Fraud Office, the Competition and Markets Authority or Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (to name but a few of the investigators empowered to conduct them).  When it happens, it causes shock to those involved and often inflicts chaos on the whole business. 

In such circumstances a business needs advice immediately.  We have a 24 hour emergency line and are always ready to respond with advice, attendance or legal action.

We understand the need of businesses to keep the wheels turning.  A company cannot stop and wait for a protracted investigation.  We do everything possible to help our clients’ business or career to survive the impact of such a raid.  We use the civil courts proactively to challenge law enforcement agencies and keep them within the bounds of the law.  The key to winning such cases is our dedicated team of public law specialists who devote their working lives to mounting such challenges. 

In one noteworthy example, our serious fraud team acted for the CEO of a small but very successful company.  A larger competitor made allegations resulting in police raiding his home and office, seizing business records and arresting him, his MD and two senior staff.  The business ground to a halt.  

Ben Rose says:  "The warrant was defective.  We were in the civil courts within days and got all the documents back, with costs and damages.  That effectively brought the whole case to an end. "