Serious Fraud and Financial Crime

The Serious Fraud Office under David Green is being re-positioned as an agency engaged in prosecution rather than guidance.  Having lost 25% of its funding the SFO is now being paid on a "per case" basis by the government to obtain headlines in banker-bashing cases.  But the SFO is not the only source of fraud prosecutions - there are many more brought by HMRC, local authorities and other prosecution agencies.  And last year the number of HMRC fraud prosecutions rose by some 53%.  The risks to business of being drawn into a fraud investigation have never been greater.

Hickman & Rose has a dedicated fraud team which has been involved in serious fraud investigations and prosecutions for many years.  We have extensive experience in every kind of fraud, including allegations of missing trader frauds, carousel frauds, advance-fee frauds and art fraud.  We offer our clients the resources and technical expertise needed to prepare a targeted response to overblown investigations, and we are second to none in our ability to fight in court for our clients.

Fraud today increasingly has an international dimension.  We have extensive international contacts and ample experience of cross-border investigation and evidence gathering needed to assist clients on international matters.