Immigration Detention Claims

People facing deportation are among the most vulnerable in our society.  The future for deportees is bleak, and support in the UK is often lacking.  People are often detained in appalling conditions while immigration and deportation issues are resolved.

We specialise in helping those who are held unlawfully, or whose rights are abused in custody.

Our work includes:

  • Advice on legality of detention for individuals across the range of immigration status including Foreign National Prisoners, failed asylum seekers, citizens of EU member states, those on work permits or other forms of temporary leave.
  • Claims for damages for unlawful detention in respect of an entire period of detention or for those detained unlawfully at the end of a prison sentence or lawful period of detention.
  • Public law challenges to the legality of detention.
  • Claims for damages and public law challenges to conditions of detention including Human Rights Act 1998 claims engaging Article 3 European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) for inhuman or degrading treatment.
  • Claims for damages or public law challenges in respect of the detention of vulnerable groups, including torture victims, children, elderly or pregnant persons, those with serious medical conditions or disabilities.
  • Claims for assault on removal or in immigration detention.
  • Advice and representation after deaths in immigration custody.

Our clients have brought claims against the UK government, privately run detention centres and private escort and removal companies.

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