Inquests and Public Inquiries

We are experts in inquest law having experience of advising and representing all the different parties that are involved in inquest proceedings. 

These include:

  • Families of the bereaved;
  • Companies and other institutions who are under scrutiny following a death in the workplace;
  • Employers and employees;
  • Witnesses and other interested persons, including those facing investigation by the police

The team is led by Daniel Machover, co-author of the Legal Action Group book ‘Inquests – A Practitioner’s Guide’ and chair of INQUEST, the organisation which provides help to bereaved families and lobbies for improvements to prevent deaths in custody and to improve the inquest system.  We work closely with INQUEST, and we are members of the Inquest Lawyers Group.  

Investigations into deaths in the workplace can be difficult to navigate and may raise a considerable number of complex legal issues for employers.  We provide expertise and legal support through all stages of the investigatory processes that follow.  We take a strategic approach to the commercial, reputational, regulatory and criminal issues that may arise, protecting our client’s interests from the initial investigation through to the inquest or public inquiry. 

In death in custody cases and/or where other law enforcement agencies are involved, we empower our clients to establish what has happened as soon as possible, and hold the investigators to account.  We assist our clients in bringing formal complaints against individual police or prison officers where misconduct has contributed to the death.  In some cases, this has led to officers being subject to criminal and/or disciplinary proceedings.  Where possible, we also assist clients to obtain compensation.   

We have acted in several high profile police shooting, taser and restraint death cases, including the public inquiry in to the death of Azelle Rodney who was shot in London in 2005, the restraint death of Sean Rigg and the ongoing investigation into the death of Dalian Atkinson.  We act for survivors and bereaved at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry in connection with the devastating fire of 14 June 2017.  Other significant cases involve challenging the failure to keep prisoners safe from the risk of suicide and investigating the failure to protect prisoners and patients from homicidal attacks by others in custody. 

We also act for people who are seriously injured in custody or in incidents involving public officials.

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