Inquests and Public Inquiries

We have helped many bereaved families following deaths in custody or involving the police or other law enforcement officers.  We also advise and represent care homes and employers in relation to inquests into the death of residents and employees.  

The team is led by Daniel Machover, who serves as the chair of INQUEST, the organisation which provides help to families and lobbies for improvements to prevent deaths in custody and to improve the inquest system.  We work closely with INQUEST, and we are members of the Inquest Lawyers Group.  

When a death has occurred, we work speedily to ensure that evidence is preserved, instructing pathologists and other experts where appropriate.  We aim to empower families in finding out as much as possible about what has happened to their loved one.  We offer support to carers and employers through the stress and commercial impact of an investigation.  We help our clients to participate effectively at all stages of the process from the initial investigation through to the inquest or public inquiry. 

In custody cases we also assist our clients in bringing formal complaints against individual police or prison officers where misconduct has contributed to the death.  In some cases this has led to officers being subject to criminal and/or disciplinary proceedings.  If appropriate, we also assist clients to obtain compensation.   

We have acted in several high profile police shooting cases – the latest being the public inquiry in to the death of Azelle Rodney who was shot in London in 2005.  We are also acting for several families whose relatives have died following restraint in custody.  Other cases involve challenging the failure to keep prisoners safe from suicide in prison, and investigating the failure to protect prisoners and patients from homicidal attacks by others in custody. 

We also act for people who have been badly injured in custody or similar circumstances involving public officials.

How to make enquiries regarding potential new cases for us