High Profile Clients

For some high profile companies and individuals reputation is everything.  Those who live under the spotlight suffer particular damage in a criminal investigation.  Involvement in a criminal case can destroy the name of a brand or an individual overnight.

We work hard – and often with success – to keep police inquiries under wraps.  We have inquiries under way about which nothing ever will be heard.  Making sure of this is one of our particular skills.

The key to discretion is avoiding the initial arrest.  Police powers of arrest are based upon necessity.  In many cases the police can be persuaded that an interview can take place without arrest.  Our client thereby avoids the humiliation and risk of being photographed and finger printed, and may avoid being entered on the police national computer.  For those wishing to visit the United States avoiding arrest is essential.  If no charge follows their reputation truly is intact.

If a lengthy investigation ensues – as typically happens with SFO cases – we are adept at proactive case preparation.  The tactic offering the best reputational outcome is persuading the investigative body not to charge.  Timely presentation of critical defence evidence really can influence the decision on whether to prosecute.  We know what works with the many different prosecuting authorities.  In many case we succeed in negotiating the payment of a civil penalty with far less reputational damage than criminal proceedings.

If the worst happens, and a charge ensues, our tactical media skills are second to none.  We have a superb range of media contacts and we are used to working with reputation managers.  We have a keen appreciation of what works when dealing with the conflicting demands of media and case strategies.

We have also handled media management for clients where there is an investigation in more than one jurisdiction with different rules on media coverage.