It is more than 50 years since the abolition of the death penalty.  Although half a century has passed, the stigma and fear of a conviction for murder has hardly reduced.  Yet today people are convicted of murder far more easily than in the past.

Some of this is due to improved forensic techniques.  But much is due to the weakening of the protection which the law offers to those charged with murder, and the tilting of the criminal justice system against the defendant in recent years.  The police expend huge resources on murder investigations while publicly funded lawyers are strictly cash limited.

The key to defending such cases is to have a highly experienced lawyer who controls the case preparation with an iron fist.  Yet in many towns and cities across the country it is rare to find an experienced solicitor preparing the defence to a murder charge.  All too often the work is given to unqualified paralegals.

The senior lawyers at Hickman & Rose have a huge track record in defending people on murder and manslaughter charges with an enviable rate of success.  We can be trusted to give every case proper attention.  We take on these case under public funding where there is no alternative and subsidise them where necessary to ensure that they are prepared properly.