Magistrates Court

Most of our clients have never imagined that they might be charged with a criminal offence.  For a “beginner”, such an encounter with the criminal justice system is a very shocking event.  Having a solicitor who really understands can make a huge difference to how this feels.

Our solicitors who work in this area have dealt with thousands of cases in the Magistrates Court, ranging from motoring violations to homicide.   We know the system inside out.  There are many ways in which we may be able to reduce the impact on our clients. 

This means maximising the chance of bail in serious cases, and in many matters persuading the CPS or other prosecutor to drop the charges altogether.  If the matter does go to trial we will ensure that nothing is left to chance.

We make sure that every one of our clients receives the personal attention of a named solicitor in preparing the case and making sure your interests are foremost at every stage.  You will choose whether you want your solicitor or highly experienced counsel to represent you at Court.   We will also continue to provide you with strategic advice and expert representation into the Crown Court if necessary.

We can offer fixed or capped fees in suitable cases.  We are happy to give a quote.