Motoring Offences

We provide a tailor made, bespoke service and our prices vary depending on your needs.  There are many solicitors who offer a low cost fixed fee for this work.  They may be the cheapest but they don’t necessarily provide the best value.

If your case is concluded in one hearing at the Magistrates’ Court we estimate that, excluding travel time, it will involve 6-8 hours of our time which will include:

  • Considering evidence;
  • Meeting with you to take instructions;
  • Advising on law, procedure and sentence;
  • Attendance and representation at a single hearing at the magistrates’ court.

Our associates undertake this work at an hourly rate of £250 + VAT.  Should you wish a partner to work on your case, their hourly rates range from £300 - £500 + VAT.  Travel time will be charged at half our hourly rate and will depend on the location of the Magistrates’ Court.  Travel expenses will be at additional cost to you. If it is necessary to attend court on a Saturday then higher rates may apply.

There may be circumstances in which it would be more cost effective to instruct a barrister to represent you at the court hearing.  Equally you may simply prefer to be represented at court by a barrister.  The cost of a barrister will vary according to experience and expertise, but typically you could expect to pay between £500 and £2,000 + VAT if applicable.  If you wish to instruct Queen’s Counsel, the most senior type of barrister, then exceptionally their fees may be higher than this.

If it is necessary to instruct an expert, such as a doctor or scientist, their fees will vary depending on the work they have to do and their expertise.  It is hard to estimate what their fees might be but the range could be from £100 - £3,000 + VAT if applicable.  In exceptional circumstances, these fees may exceed these figures.  We will agree their fees with you before they are engaged.

Many cases do not conclude in one hearing.  Please contact a member of our general crime team to discuss how we can assist and what the likely costs in your case will be.  For further information about the members of our team who can help, please refer to the lawyers page.