Other Prosecutions

Any criminal allegation has a devastating effect on an individual, their reputation, family and livelihood.  Our aim is to win every case that can be won, and protect our clients from this damage as far as humanly possible.

We have been one of London’s leading firms for over twenty years, and we have clients who come to us from across the country.

What we offer is a meticulous attention to the points that really make a difference:-

  • building the client’s confidence to give evidence effectively
  • expecting and getting the best from experts
  • ensuring that proper enquiries are made and that all relevant witnesses get to court
  • providing excellent advocates

Although we do not usually do this kind of work on legal aid, we aim to keep costs under tight control and give the client really excellent value for money.

The work we undertake is hugely varied, but we do in particular see many road traffic cases, assaults (typically in wine bars and clubs), sexual offences (often between individuals who know each other), drugs cases, dangerous dogs and prohibited weapons.

We are happy to deal with all offences of dishonesty, where we believe our major fraud practice stands us in good stead.

We also deal with blackmail, conspiracy and perverting the course of justice.

For further information contact Aileen Colhoun on 0207 702 5331.