Police Investigations

Our criminal team has extensive experience in police inquiries, dealing with all matters from motoring offences to homicide.  We regularly act for people facing police interviews, whether under arrest, as a volunteer or as a witness.  The advice we give is both detailed and strategic.   It is designed to maximise each individual’s chance of a successful outcome. 

Being caught up in a police investigation is an intrusive and unpleasant experience for anyone.  In some cases it can go on for years.  We aim to make a real difference to the process, whether it follows arrest or results from a police request for an appointment.  

If an investigation proceeds by way of arrest, the police are able to impose bail and other conditions upon the arrestee.  This has serious implications, particularly for working professionals who may consequently find themselves out of work, unable to find new work or unable to renew a visa.  Many arrests are of questionable legality and we have had many significant successes in negotiating with police to avoid the wrongful exercise of their power of arrest. 

For those who are already under arrest we offer a rapid and responsive service, year round, 24 hours a day.  We aim to liaise effectively with the police and speed up the interview process, minimising or cutting out altogether the time spent waiting in a cell. 

The police may also obtain a search warrant to enter an individual’s home or workplace to search for evidence.  Our civil litigation team has successfully challenged many such warrants and prevented the search from even occurring in the first place. 

Where a search has taken place, the police have often seized computers, hard drives and data which they hold indefinitely even though they do not intend to use it as evidence.  This can have serious consequences for people who need such material for work.  We regularly take steps to ensure it is recovered by our client early in the investigation.  

For high profile or professional clients, reputation management can be as important as the criminal case.  We have often persuaded investigating officers to conduct the interview at our office or the client’s home, and not to release information to the press.  Several of our clients who were investigated during Operation Yewtree have therefore been able to avoid any publicity at all.