Sexual and Historic Abuse Allegations

Being investigated or charged with a sexual offence is highly stressful, and often causes great damage to the suspect at work, in the wider community and within the family, irrespective of outcome.  We understand how painful and difficult the process of investigation and trial can be.  There are many things that we can do to reduce the stress. 

We have an excellent track record at limiting the collateral damage caused by such investigations.  Many of our most high profile clients never suffer a word of publicity.  A really significant proportion of our clients see the case end before it reaches the door of the Court. 

However, the most difficult cases to fight are ones involving historic allegations.  It is very difficult to mount a positive case on an allegation 20 years old or more.  Memories will have faded, contemporary evidence will have been destroyed and key witnesses are often no longer available.  To counteract this, we are meticulous in our preparation of cases and field some of the best advocates around for the delicate task of representation.

We also take the long view.  The legal system used to be biased against the victim in such cases.  Today, the law is often biased against the suspect.  Both approaches are wrong.  We aim to redress the balance wherever possible.  We have huge courtroom experience and we understand how juries think.  Our advice offers a real chance of achieving the best possible outcome.

Our staff are accustomed to dealing with these cases and approach all such matters sensitively and with an open mind. 

The sexual offences team at Hickman & Rose is led by Jenny Wiltshire who has an outstanding track record in winning such cases.  In 2012, Jenny's team were commended by the Judge following the acquittal of her client on a charge of rape: "I have been impressed to a very great extent....the solicitors have done a huge amount of work that was absolutely vital to the conduct of a fair trial."  It includes Aileen Colhoun and Peter Csemiczky.