Corporate Risk and Compliance

Most companies would be surprised to hear that their risk management and compliance procedures are not up to the job.  Or to learn that their risk management and compliance procedures are A1 but are not being followed by their staff. 

Hickman & Rose has conducted many investigations and reviews on behalf of companies, charities, partnerships and sole traders facing criminal or regulatory action, or dealing with fraud by a senior employee, or facing a whistle blower.  Sadly, we find all too often that longstanding and unnoticed defects in process or management have left the business exposed to some very unattractive risks. 

As criminal lawyers we are highly experienced at homing in on the weakness of such systems.  A quick review from us (annual or one off) is surprisingly economic and should pinpoint key system weaknesses.  We can look at money laundering prevention systems, staff guides, IT systems and actual practice on the ground at operational level very quickly and report back on whether those risks exist.

Some of the worst process failures we have seen occur in law firms, even in some of the largest and best known firms in the country.  We can address these problems quickly, inexpensively and discreetly.  We can recommend long term monitoring solutions that can ensure problems do not recur.  We can increase efficiency, reduce risk, and help our clients avoid fines, penalties and damage to reputation. 

Our regulatory team is led by Andrew Katzen, who is also our MLRO and Compliance Officer.  The team includes Aileen Colhoun, who has acted in many regulatory cases from the health services and Claire Wallace.