Disciplinary Actions

We offer prompt, responsive and sympathetic help to people facing regulatory disciplinary action.

The power and significance of the professional regulatory bodies has grown considerably in the last decade, many of them receiving enhanced statutory powers to deal with performance issues as well as the more traditional areas of misconduct.  More people than ever before undergo investigation, and many will end up before disciplinary tribunals.

The hurdle for disciplinary proceedings appears to have lowered.  Disciplinary hearings may take place following criminal investigation, and some may even follow acquittal on criminal charges.  Even whistleblowers with considerable public support, whose employment is theoretically protected by law, may find themselves in breach of their professional rules.

In this context it is vital to hold the investigators to the strict rule of law.  All too often an investigator cuts corners or abuse their powers. Skilled and focused legal assistance may in many cases prevent disciplinary action ever occurring.  If the worst does happen, it is vital to have a properly prepared case. 

Legal expenses insurance, professional bodies and trades unions may all be able to fund some assistance. Choosing the right professional to help is crucial.

Hickman & Rose has experience of teachers, lawyers and police officers’ disciplinary proceedings and offers wise and friendly advice when it is most needed.