The Wadebridge Murders

15 Sep 2016

On 12 December 2007 the Court of Appeal ordered the Criminal Cases Review Commission to investigate the evidential basis for the conviction of H&R client Lee Firkins.

Lee, with his brother Robert, was convicted in January 2006 of the murder of Graham and Carol Fisher at Perch Garge at Wadebridge in Cornwall. It was an exceptionally brutal murder which shocked the local community.

No forensic evidence was found which connected anyone with the killing. The prosecution of the Firkins brothers on the basis of an alleged cell confession was strongly contested, and they still continue to assert their innocence.

H&R partner Jane Hickman has represented Lee throughout and continues to fight his case in the Court of Appeal. Jane said “this conviction causes me great anxiety. The quality of the evidence against my client was extremely poor. This is a case which simply will not go away.”



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