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Chris Houssemayne du Boulay comments on SFO annual report in Law360

25 Jul 2023

Business Crime partner Christopher Houssemayne du Boulay has been quoted in a Law360 article analysing the SFO’s recently released annual report and accounts.

Chris points out that the accounts contain a £6m provision for legal costs stemming from the SFO’s collapsed prosecution of individuals at G4S.

Commenting on the public statements by the outgoing Director of the SFO accompanying the report, Chris said: “Notable by its absence from Ms Osofsky’s public statements is any mention of the failings by the SFO that led to the collapse of its case against the three G4S executives earlier this year.”

“Nor does she mention the cost orders that the Annual Report makes clear the SFO considers are likely to be made against it as a result of its failings in that case.

“If the SFO hopes to learn from its past mistakes, it needs to start by properly acknowledging them and to stop simply blaming the challenging environment in which it operates.”

Full article below.

Chris Houssemayne du Boulay was part of the Hickman & Rose team which represented Richard Morris in the SFO’s prosecution brought against three former executives of G4S.



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