Chris Kaba’s family calls for urgent IOPC action

3 Mar 2023

Six months since Chris Kaba’s fatal shooting in south London, his family has called for urgent action from the police watchdog the IOPC.

Chris was unarmed when was he was shot by a Met police firearms officer on the evening of 5th September 2022. The killing caused significant public outcry.

Today, as Chris’ family awaits a decision on whether the IOPC will seek CPS advice on bringing potential criminal charges, the family has worked with INQUEST on this public statement urging swifter action.

The release provides an update on the family’s three ‘key asks’ of the IOPC and sets out its concerns about those demands not yet fully met.

In the release, Chris’s family says: “The police watchdog have had enough time to gather evidence and take steps towards seeking CPS advice on criminal charges for those involved in Chris’ death. Yet we are still waiting.”

Hickman & Rose’s Daniel Machover, who represents the family, says: “The IOPC is failing this family and the wider public by failing to complete its criminal investigation promptly.”

Lucy McKay, from the charity INQUEST, says: “There has rightly been significant public concern about the circumstances of Chris Kaba’s death [….]. INQUEST has found that the systems of investigation are failing to hold police officers and forces to account for deaths, and failing to examine the role of racism.”



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