Daniel Machover comments on Chris Kaba case, one year after fatal police shooting

5 Sep 2023

A year on from the fatal shooting of Chris Kaba by a police officer, Hickman & Rose’s Head of Civil Litigation Daniel Machover has commented on the absence of a charging decision by the CPS.

Daniel, who represents Chris’ family, said he is “appalled that, after the IOPC took almost seven months to complete its investigation, the CPS has failed to complete its task within a further five months.”

Daniel went on to say: “CPS decision making when police officers are suspects is too slow and cumbersome […] the public interest demands that the CPS makes faster charging decisions in all cases involving police suspects.”

Chris’ family said “we have been failed by the CPS, which has not completed its task urgently or in a timely fashion.

“We very much hope that the CPS decide in days (not weeks or months) from now in favour of a prosecution and that the truth will emerge, without further delay, through criminal proceedings.”

Deborah Coles, director of INQUEST, said “Delay, denial and defensiveness is institutionalised within the investigation system and shows how police officers are treated differently than civilians.”

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