Daniel Machover questions fairness of IOPC investigations in Sky News documentary

18 Dec 2022

Head of Civil Litigation Daniel Machover has questioned the fairness of the way the IOPC treats police officers involved in deaths of members of the public.

Daniel spoke out in a Sky News documentary film examining the death of Chris Kaba, whose bereaved family Daniel represents.

Describing the IOPC’s investigatory process, Daniel said: “To my mind it’s just unacceptable that within hours of becoming involved in a case it’s okay for the police officers involved [….] to just give the most basic accounts, not be questioned, allowed to go home and weeks later, months later, they are first questioned under caution.

“That’s a clear difference – a huge difference – between how any other suspect in a criminal case would be dealt with…and that has to be wrong.”

Watch the full Sky News documentary here



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