Decision to charge Chris Kaba shooter with murder

28 Sep 2023

Last week, a serving police officer was charged with the murder of Chris Kaba. Hickman & Rose represent Mr Kaba’s family, who have been widely quoted welcoming the charging decision and expressing the wish that “justice […] be served”. Their lawyer Daniel Machover praised the family’s “extraordinary dignity and strength”.

The case received further media coverage after some firearms officers protested the charging decision by refusing to go on firearms duty and the Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced a review of the law relating to firearms officers via social media (and in reply to a Daily Telegraph story containing an image of a “Justice for Chris Kaba” banner).

Then, on Tuesday this week, the Recorder of London, Judge Mark Lucraft KC, issued what has been described in the media as an “unusual” contempt of court warning.

He said: “The court reminds every one of the obligation on all of us to ensure we comply with the Contempt of Court process and ensure nothing is said which could in any way be thought to prejudice ongoing criminal proceedings.”

More here, here and here.



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