Export Controls and Sanctions

Driven by international politics, the complex mesh of sanctions maintained by the EU, the US, and the UN is constantly and rapidly changing.  This leaves internationally operating businesses at high risk of offending without any intention of doing so.  

Prosecution for breaching sanctions can inflict both enormous financial and reputational damage and there is currently no comprehensive mechanism in the UK for challenging this.  Businesses and individuals can have all their assets frozen and must bring their challenge to a European court, which can take years.  There is no court in which to challenge UN sanctions prosecutions.

From low level financial breaches in Egypt and Iran to the major international Arms-to-Iraq affair, we have extensive experience in advising both individuals and corporates on sanctions related issues.  Our sanctions expert Andrew Katzen is regularly invited to speak on the subject to a range of international audiences including other law firms.

Avoiding prosecution is therefore imperative.  Our experience in representing companies and individuals facing the threat and in some cases reality of prosecution for breaching sanctions means we offer some of the best advice available.