Appeals in Criminal Cases

A small but still shocking number of cases result in innocent people being convicted, or sentenced in a wildly inappropriate way.  An innocent person who is wrongly convicted is often deeply traumatized and their family life is usually devastated.  Such failures are endemic in the system but have been severely aggravated in recent years by cuts to public funding for courts, experts, defence counsel, and criminal law firms. 

Hickman & Rose appeals team deals with such system failure in the criminal justice system.  We have detailed knowledge of how such failures occur and huge experience of presenting cases to the CCRC and of running appeals in the Court of Appeal

The team is led by Head of General Crime team Jenny Wiltshire, and still enjoys coaching from former senior partner Jane Hickman, who has been rated in Chambers UK Guide to the Legal Profession for many years as one of the best criminal lawyers in the country.  We aim to deliver all our appeals clients an outstanding level of service.

Where an appeal succeeds, Hickman & Rose can often negotiate compensation from the Home Office and may be able to bring a legal action against the original legal team as well.

The team is presently running a small number of very large cases on public funding and as a result has capacity only where clients are able to make a contribution to costs.  However, we work within clear guidelines and structures to ensure that costs are predictable and controlled at each stage and that they do not result in unpleasant surprises.  If you face the expense of employing a barrister or an expert you will get plenty of warning and usually a set of alternatives.

We pursue all our appeals with total determination and in the right case we never stop digging.  If the case is not going to result in success we aim to let you know as soon as possible.