Serious and Organised Crime

Major crime outside the business environment often involves drugs or people smuggling across international borders.  In some cases it is computer based and requires considerable technical awareness.  In other cases it will be political in nature.  It often involves multiple defendants with a risk of cut-throat defences convicting the innocent and guilty alike.  We have enormous experience of preparing serious and complex criminal cases and have dealt with almost every conceivable scenario.

We have worked across multiple jurisdictions, making MLAs on behalf of clients.  We have links with law firms in many countries across the world.  We are trained in project management and five of our criminal partners are supervisors on the Legal Services Commission’s Very High Cost Case panel.  We have undertaken some of the most high profile cases in recent years.

Serious and complex cases of this kind can generate huge amounts of paper, electronic data, and audio-visual recordings.  Somewhere in this blizzard will lie the grain of information that can turn a case around.  We have several lawyers trained to use Casemap, the document management software used by US law enforcement agencies to handle huge volumes of material.

But the strength of any criminal defence depends on the lawyer in charge of the team.  Running serious and complex criminal cases requires an array of special skills:-

  • high level strategic thinking
  • flawless organisation
  • a tough and determined litigation style
  • skill in getting the best from experts and counsel

It is in these areas that we excel.  For years we have trained our lawyers in advanced casework skills.  We aim to be the best.

Most of our work in this field is privately funded, though some is insured through professional bodies.  We will consider undertaking such cases on public funding.