Ben Rose on decision to grant Auriol Grey leave to appeal her manslaughter conviction

20 Mar 2024

Hickman & Rose’s founder Ben Rose has been quoted in the media following the Court of Appeal’s decision to grant his client Auriol Grey leave to appeal her conviction for manslaughter.

Auriol, who is an autistic, disabled person with impaired vision, was convicted last year of unlawful act manslaughter after she shouted and gesticulated at 77-year-old Celia Ward, causing her to fall from her bicycle into a road.

Although a previous bid to reduce Auriol’s three year jail sentence had been unsuccessful, a panel of three appeal court judges have now granted permission for Auriol to appeal against conviction, and also to seek bail.

Speaking after the decision Ben Rose said: “[Auriol Grey] was charged and convicted of unlawful act manslaughter. In a case such as this, the prosecution is required to prove to the jury that she intended to cause Mrs Ward harm or fear of harm.

We say this did not happen, and as a result will ask the Court of Appeal when the case is heard in May to quash Ms Grey’s conviction.

More details here, here and here.



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