Daniel Machover criticises review of investigations of police use of force in Evening Standard

27 Nov 2023

Head of Civil Litigation Daniel Machover has featured in the Evening Standard newspaper discussing the Government’s proposed review of investigatory arrangements following police use of force and police driving related incidents.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman ordered the review shortly after dozens of Metropolitan Police Service specialist firearms officers stepped back from duty in response to an officer being charged with murder over a shooting. 

Daniel described the review as appearing to be “a decisive step in the wrong direction”.

“At this time of justified public concern about police accountability, what the public need is the reassurance that police officers will be held to account for all wrongdoing, particularly in their use of force”, he said.

“This review looks like an attempt by the Government to remove proper accountability for police officers who fall short of the standards we rightly expect of them.”

“Instead of wasting time on unnecessary and unhelpful reforms that would damage public confidence we should focus on common ground to make existing systems more efficient and better resourced, so that cases are concluded and lessons learned much faster.”

The full article is available here. Hickman & Rose’s response to the review is here.



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