Daniel Machover responds to IOPC referral of Chris Kaba shooting to CPS

30 Mar 2023

Head of Civil Litigation Daniel Machover has responded to the IOPC’s decision to refer its investigation into the fatal shooting of Chris Kaba to the CPS for a potential charging decision.

Daniel – who represents the Kaba family alongside Hickman & Rose’s Ellie Cornish, and Matthew Ryder KC and Ifeanyi Odogwu of Matrix Chambers – described the decision as an “important step”, but said it should have happened “much sooner”.

He went on to say: “The public interest demands that the CPS provides its advice to the IOPC swiftly, in a matter of weeks not months.”

Chris Kaba’s family said they “very much hope that the CPS advise in favour of a prosecution and that the truth will emerge, without delay, through criminal proceedings”.

And Deborah Coles of the charity INQUEST said: “Chris Kaba’s death has rightly generated significant public disquiet at a national and international level about how the state and its agents are held to account for killing its citizens.

“The rule of law must apply equally to all citizens including those in uniform. The Crown Prosecution Service must ensure effective and prompt decision making”.

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