Daniel Machover urges Met police culture change following Casey review

22 Mar 2023

Hickman & Rose’s head of civil litigation Daniel Machover has been widely quoted in the media urging the Metropolitan police to urgently reform following Baroness Casey’s review.

Drawing his long experience representing the victims of police violence, Daniel said: “Baroness Casey’s finding that the Met sees ‘scrutiny as an intrusion’ reflects the experiences of many families of people who died following police contact, and victims of police misconduct.

“Rather than treat these people with the respect and candour they deserve, the Met too often resorts to obfuscation, defensiveness, and a refusal to learn from its own mistakes.

Quoted in the Independent, Express, Standard and elsewhere, Daniel went on: “The families of people who have died following police contact often have to fight tooth and nail to be given the barest of facts about the events that led to their loved one’s death. This is unacceptable.

“Baroness Casey said that a cultural shift is required for the Met to become a reflective and learning organisation which opens its doors and invites criticism, examination, challenge and assurance. This urgent change is long overdue.”

Read more here, here and here.



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