Family of Britain’s ‘first racist murder’ denied access to police files

8 Feb 2024

Head of civil litigation Daniel Machover has spoken out after The National Archives refused to provide his clients, the family of Kelso Cochrane, with the police’s murder investigation file.

No one has been charged in connection with Kelso Cochrane’s killing, by a gang of white youths in London’s Notting Hill in 1959. His death is reported to be the first racist murder in modern Britain. 

Daniel Machover has been working with the family to obtain papers about it in order to establish more about what happened. But The National Archives has refused the request after the Metropolitan police said the case remains open. The decision means the papers remain closed until 2054.

Daniel told the Mirror that the decision makes no sense as the evidence provided in support of the family’s access request “indicates there are no surviving suspects and no chance at all of any homicide charges given the past destruction of physical evidence.”



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