Jenny Wiltshire appears in Times warning of increasing police investigation length

16 Oct 2023

Head of Serious and General Crime Jenny Wiltshire has featured in The Times newspaper warning of increasing length of police investigations.

Citing official Home Office data obtained by Hickman & Rose, the paper revealed how the average time taken to bring a case to charge or summons rose from just over two weeks in 2016 to six weeks this year.

As Jenny explained: “delays in the investigatory process negatively impact everyone: victims are obliged to wait for justice, while suspects may have to put their lives on hold before they can have their day in court.”

She went on: “this data show how long it takes the police to decide not to proceed. I have had clients who have waited for many years while the police investigate, only to be informed that the case is being closed with no further action being taken.”

Read the full article here.



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