Jenny Wiltshire in media following acquittal of client Benjamin Mendy

19 Jul 2023

Hickman & Rose’s Head of Serious and General Crime Jenny Wiltshire has featured prominently in the national and international media following the acquittal of Benjamin Mendy on ten counts of rape and sexual assault.

Cheshire Constabulary started investigating Mr Mendy, formally a footballer for Manchester City, almost three years ago. He has been tried twice.

At the first trial, which lasted five months and ended in January this year, a jury unanimously found Mr Mendy not guilty of seven charges of rape and one of sexual assault.

Last week he faced retrial on on one count of rape and another of sexual assault. The second jury unanimously found him not guilty.

Jenny spoke on her client’s behalf outside Chester Crown Court on Friday. She said Mr Mendy wanted to “thank the members of the jury for focussing on the evidence in this trial, rather than on the rumour and innuendo that have followed this case from the outset.”

Jenny went on to say: “This is the second time that Mr Mendy has been tried and found not guilty by a jury. He is delighted that both juries reached the correct verdicts.

It has been almost three years since the police started investigating this matter. Mr Mendy has tried to remain strong but the process has, inevitably had a serious impact on him.”

Mr Mendy is represented by Jenny and Peter Csemiczky at Hickman & Rose who instructed barristers Eleanor Laws KC and Orla Daly, both of QEB Hollis Whiteman chambers. 

Jenny’s full comments can be read here, here and here.



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