Kate Maynard in media following announcement of Malkinson public inquiry

25 Aug 2023

Civil Litigation partner Kate Maynard has been quoted in the media following the Government’s announcement that it will hold an independent inquiry into the Andy Malkinson case.

Kate, together with Toby Wilton, represents Mr Malkinson in his claims for compensation and other civil remedies arising from the wrongful conviction which led to him spending 17 years in prison. They work alongside APPEAL.

Kate told the BBC, The Guardian and others that while she welcomed the inquiry “we regret that it is not a full public inquiry held under the Inquiries Act 2005”.

She explained: “Only an inquiry held under statute can compel witnesses and disclosure.

“Given his experience fighting for justice, Andy has made clear his concerns that without this power, the individuals and institutions involved may seek to obstruct and evade responsibility. The lessons from other non-statutory inquiries suggest that this fear may become a reality.”

Read more here and here.



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