Private Eye on the IOPC investigation into Sean Fitzgerald death: four years long and counting

23 Jan 2023

Private Eye magazine has dedicated an article to the extraordinary delay in the IOPC’s investigation into the death of Sean Fitzgerald.

Mr Fitzgerald – who is represented by Hickman & Rose’s Helen Stone – was shot by West Midlands and West Mercia police in January 2019. More than four years later, and the IOPC say they are still investigating.

Helen told the magazine that in the Fitzgerald family’s opinion, the IPOC did not accurately apply the test to launch a homicide investigation into the police officers involved. If they had, then the family’s ongoing ordeal could have ended years ago.

IPOC practice in relation to police deaths is soon to be tested in the High Court in a case brought by the family of Oladeji Omishore, also killed by police, and also represented by Hickman & Rose.

More details in the full article available below



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