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Ross Dixon discusses ten years of Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Law360

27 Feb 2024

Hickman & Rose’s Ross Dixon has been quoted by Law360 in an article examining the successes – and failures – of Deferred Prosecution Agreements over the decade since they became law.

The Law360 article states that DPAs “have created a huge financial windfall for the public purse, and [have] changed the culture within U.K. business. But few companies have actually been charged with a crime, let alone convicted.”

Ross Dixon points out how the individual criminal prosecutions that have followed a DPA deal with a corporate have, in all but one case, resulted in acquittal.

“[They have] not stood up to the rigour of criminal proceedings“, Ross argues. “The prize of the DPA has acted like a magnet on a compass, influencing prosecution case theory and the way in which evidence is interpreted.

The full article is available to Law360 subscribers here



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